Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 28-29

Ares took his time in claiming his prize of the loser's body.  His thrusts were deliberate in building up both Olympians' sexual tension.  When they neared the edge of orgasm, he slowed his speed until he and Hercules were in no danger of cumming too early.

Hercules, as a result, was driven wild.  He eagerly pushed back to meet his big brother's groin.  His tunnels squeezed down around Ares' sword, urging the dominant male to continue.

Ares gripped Hercules' meaty hips and drilled his godhood deep inside the demigod's hot, accommodating butt.  He slapped those large, toned globes roughly and decided to ravage that hole with everything he was worth.  He wanted Hercules to forever remember that moment.  And Hercules would.

Finally, as all males must eventually do, Ares felt the need to cum.  He grunted loudly and commanded, "Cum with me, little bro!"

Hercules cried out in white hot lust and declared, "ARES...  I'M--!!"

"YOU ARE FINALLY MINE!" Ares roared for all within Zeus' domain to hear.  "TAKE MY SEED, HERCULES!!"

His mighty cock bounced and gushed forth its heavy load of potent, masculine semen.  Hercules felt wave upon wave of his brother's seed pump into his body.  The godly cum absorbed into the demigod, forever marking him as Ares' slave.

Hercules' maleness throbbed and emptied its balls' worth of cum over the ring and down onto the world below!  He screamed in relief as he was finally granted permission to orgasm.  He'd feared that Ares would be a tyrannical master when he'd begun their fuck.  He felt gratitude toward Ares for allowing him a merciful climax.

The two Olympians remained as one as they enjoyed the end of their wrestling match.

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