Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 23-24

Ares placed his meaty thighs around Hercules' head and rested his heavy balls upon the demigod's mouth.  He felt Hercules' hot breath blow over the taut skin, turning him on even more.

Hercules breathed the unique scent of his brother.  It was sweet and rich with a hint of his earthy sweat.  It reminded him vaguely of ambrosia and nectar.

"Lick those big balls clean, loser!" Ares suddenly commanded.  Hercules instantly complied, placing his hot, wet tongue upon the skin between the two male orbs.  "That's right.  Get 'em nice and clean for me...  Auuuughh yeah..."

Hercules went to work bathing the balls of the god of war with his tongue.  He paid careful attention to treat this producer of life with the utmost care and respect.

Ares chuckled and patted Hercules' pecs roughly, giving the nipples squeezes and tugs.  He was a bit surprised at how easily his little brother took to being his bitch.  He regretted not taking him down sooner.

Ares dragged Hercules over to a corner and slung him back-first into one of the solid stone turnbuckles.  Hercules moaned at the harsh treatment, but didn't dare complain.  Ares slung the demigod's arms over the middle 'ropes' to stabilize his position.

Before Hercules realized what was about to happen, Ares' beefy muscle butt was pushed into his face!  The god of war laughed heartily as he ground his godly butt back against a shocked Hercules.

As if relayed through their brotherly bond, Hercules knew what Ares wanted, and he began to lick the god's tight hole.  His hot breath huffed against the pink, manly hole -- the very hole that he'd badly wanted to fuck had he won the fight.  But the fates had decided otherwise.

Ares ground his hips slowly, backside pressed firmly to Hercules' face, forcing the demigod's head to roll in every direction as he received tribute from the loser's tongue.

Despite the terrible humiliation he was forced to endure, Hercules' cock remained as hard as steel.  It jutted outward, aching for release.

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  1. Dat ass and dem abs...what a fine fine view, i'm jealous of Herc now.