Saturday, August 18, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 30 [End]

Thoroughly drained and with a belly full of fresh semen, Hercules sat in the middle of the wrestling ring and contemplated his loss.  Now that the high of orgasm had left him, reality began to set in.  His life would be forever changed.  Ares now controlled him.

Ares knelt behind his brother and embraced him.  He placed his firm hand upon Hercules' shoulder and slowly rubbed the sore muscles within.

"Come on, Hercules," he spoke in a way that instantly lifted the demigod's mood.  "Let's get cleaned up.  After I 'train' you a bit more, I want a rematch," he added with a sly voice.  Both males' cocks stirred at the thought of a rematch.  And although Hercules knew in his gut that he would only get pulverized again, he couldn't wait to hear the sound of the bell and struggle against Ares' might once again.

Hercules learned his place that day, and he would never again question his master's wishes.  As reward, the war god would allow Hercules to continue to fight to protect the humans of the world, but only when it didn't clash with his plans.

Zeus, upon finding out of his sons' newly-established relationship, was shocked at first, but eventually accepted it and recognized the outcome of the wrestling match as true and just.  Hercules seemed happy, and with the demigod's strength and stamina to keep him sated with sex, Ares, too, seemed more content and less prone to instigate reckless war on the earth.

The End


  1. Soooo awesome! I love the warm ending, it's really fitting! Very nice addition to your portfolio, my friend!

    1. Thanks, man!

      I thought about making Ares a jerk after it was all over, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. I think that as long as Herc does as he's told, Ares would be a loving master. Well, as loving as the god of war can be, anyway!

  2. I would have love it if I were there so that I could obey BOTH of those smokin' hot STUD HUNKKS! Love it if they could DO ME REALLY HARD!