Monday, February 18, 2013

Kzak Conquers Hercules

I was experimenting a bit with the glossiness and specular strengths of my guys when I decided to tweak my big, red demon stud.  The biggest changes I gave him are his new spear-tipped cock head and slightly-modified balls.  I think with that alone, he looks much better than his Version 2 form.

After giving minor updates to Hercules and Zeus, I decided to use this opportunity to make another mini story and share it with you guys.  I'm very happy with the way it turned out, and especially that I got to finally use Kzak in a prolonged story.

I hope you guys enjoy Kzak Conquers Hercules!

Hercules confronted Kzak, who'd recently enslaved his father, Zeus.  To bargain for his freedom, the king of the gods made a wager with the demon: if Hercules should defeat him, he was to release Zeus; but if Kzak were to triumph, both father and son would remain in the demon's fiery clutches!

Hercules had followed the sound of the demon's voice to the Underworld, a domain inhabited primarily by evil creatures.  He found Kzak awaiting him alone on a battlefield that was once an outpost of heroic men who had wished to reclaim the Underworld for the good guys.

"I know it was your trickery that brought upon the downfall of Zeus!  Release my father and return to him his powers, demon!" Hercules demanded, bouncing his proud pecs and standing his ground.

Kzak flicked his forked tongue at the demigod and laughed.  "You may have the old fool, Hercules, but only if you can best me in battle!  You know the price you will pay when you fail!" he shouted, leaping forward and engaging his opponent!

Demigod and demon battled ferociously, exchanging blows and holds, but in the Underworld, Kzak had an unfair advantage.  The fiery lands nourished the demon, allowing him to remain as strong and fresh as since the fight began.  Hercules, with all of his heroic strength and stamina, could feel himself fading.  His white toga, ripped to shreds by the fight, finally blew away in the wind, leaving him nude.

The lustful demon sensed his foe's weakness and became more bold with his sexual attacks; the erotic fondling left the half-human confused and aroused and open to more forceful body blows.

Kzak danced skillfully around his weakened prey, sending punches and kicks to every part of Hercules' legendary body.  Finally, drawing upon all of his strength for the finishing blow, the red-skinned demon sent a well-aimed uppercut into Hercules' jaw, forcing the stud into the air and the fight out of his body!

With a mighty, bearlike cry of pain, Hercules was at last conquered!  He fell to the ground and refused to get up to fight on.  Kzak placed his foot on the hero's abs and raised his arms high in victory!

With his son's defeat, Zeus had lost his best bargaining chip for a clean freedom, ensuring that both he and Hercules would remain slaves of the demon Kzak!

Obedient and humbled by his defeat, Hercules crawled on his hands and knees to his master.  He sat up humbly and, without a word, moved to service the cock of the victorious demon.  Kzak allowed the godling the honor of worshiping his cock.  He watched with great pleasure as Hercules slid his tongue up the throbbing red shaft.

The cock tasted salty to the son of Zeus.  Its flavor was much like that of the human men of the mortal world, but somewhat exotic.  Hercules' own manhood rose to full erection as he serviced the meat of the one he now called master.  Kzak's tongue flicked as he laughed at his new slave's eagerness to serve.  His manly hand stroked Hercules' black, curly locks, and his sharp claws gently scratched the skin below.

"THE POWER OF THE UNDERWORLD IS TRIUMPHANT OVER THE GODS OF OLYMPUS!!" an emboldened Kzak roared to the blood red sky!  With the enslavement of Zeus and Hercules, the hellish demon had grown more powerful as a champion of the fiery realm!

Hercules took the demonic cock between his godly lips and began a tender sucking.  His tongue slid along the curves and narrow tip of the head to pleasure the Underworlder.  Hercules reached up and took the heavy balls of his master into his hand.  As he weighed the hot orbs and gently massaged them, he was rewarded with a steady flow of sweet precum down his parched throat.  Hercules drank his fill from the demon's tap, and found himself craving the liquid by the time his lips were forced away.

Kzak was ready to fuck.

"No...  No..." Hercules moaned, hopeful that the trickster demon would have even an ounce of mercy to spare him the ritual victory fuck.  But Kzak would never allow this opportunity to slip away.  Hercules could feel the head of Kzak's fiery penis press insistently against his puckering hole, wanting nothing more than to gain entry.  Despite his words to the contrary, Hercules' body betrayed him and his pucker softened to invite the demon to use him as he wished.

Kzak felt the heat of Hercules emanate from around his hole as the narrow tip opened him up.  The soft, hidden flesh quivered at his touch, surrendering to him without a struggle.  The demon's mouth split into a wide smirk as even the legendary Hercules succumbed to his powers of seduction.

Hercules cried out as Kzak's spear-shaped cockhead entered him!  The wide rim of his glans popped past Hercules' anal ring and secured itself snugly inside.  Kzak slowly fed inch after inch of his red-hot meat into the Olympian's godly backside.  Hercules shuddered and quivered as the demon's wide glans rubbed and scratched at his insides.  Kzak laughed in triumph as he freely violated the heroic half-god's hole.

Finally, after minutes of agonizing teases, the horned Underworlder had fully penetrated his new slave!  Hercules' inner muscles massaged and squeezed at the throbbing invader.  The pressure around his cock felt incredible -- perhaps even better than Zeus himself!  It was exactly what he envisioned happening.  He had entertained Zeus' naive wager, knowing that Hercules would meet more than his match in the fiery domain.  Without realizing it, Zeus had foolishly sacrificed his own son to join him in his time as a slave in the Underworld!

"Nnngh!!  Yes..." Kzak moaned, allowing Hercules a moment to adjust to his massive girth.  The godling had taken countless cocks from many different creatures over the course of his life on the earth, but this demon's was easily among the biggest.  The cock not only filled him completely, but the skin all along the shaft emanated a burning sensation that felt like live coals were smoldering inside him.

Kzak's tail ran alongside Hercules' trembling, muscular thighs, slowly stroking the Olympian like a master might comfort his slave.  He slowly pulled his cock out to its flared head, only to shove it back in again!  Without the resolve to fight back, Hercules could only scream in shock and endure the pain.  He held on to the charred stone post and cried out as the demon plowed away at his muscular butt.

"Surrender the power of the Olympians to me...  Yes...!!  I can feel your strength flow within me, son of Zeus!!" Kzak roared.

Hercules couldn't believe it, but it was true -- he felt his godly power being siphoned away by the demon!  Although his human half remained muscular and proud, the loss of his superhuman strength made him feel like a newborn babe in comparison.

Hercules' grunts and groans, however, soon turned to moans of pleasure.  Every thrust into his burning hole drove him closer to the edge.

His thoughts wandered as the red stud dominated him from the inside.  He wondered if Kzak had plowed his father, Zeus, in the same way.  His cock throbbed and bounced as he thought about the demon fucking the king of the gods like a common bitch.

The stone post was toppled over as Hercules was forced to the ground.  Kzak sped up his breeding of the defeated son of Zeus.  His hips thrust wildly forward and back, plunging his heavy cock deep inside Hercules' well-lubed hole.  His big balls slapped dominantly against Hercules', reminding the loser of their new relationship.

Hercules lowered his head in shame and whimpered quietly as his body enjoyed the fuck.  Only a few other males had ever managed to bring the mighty Hercules to his hands and knees and moan with the heat that only two men can know.

Kzak raked his black claws along the godling's back, leaving burning lines across his flawless flesh.  The demon's tail continued to rub and stroke at his sore lower body.  Several times it ran across Hercules' throbbing cock and balls, teasing them slowly and unmercifully.

In a display of his new supreme power, Kzak grabbed Hercules' leg while remaining buried within him and flipped him onto his side!  He lifted the heavyweight halfgod up high and began a power fuck while Hercules cried out in fright and flailed over the ground!

Kzak laughed uproariously and kept Hercules' beefy thigh close to his muscular body.  The two males' flesh slapped together loudly as the more dominant partner made his power be known once again.

Time seemed to lose its meaning as the demon mated with his half-human bitch over the course of several hours -- perhaps even days, the hero would one day wonder.  Kzak never allowed him to cum first, and the demon himself simply didn't want to yet.  He had dominated Hercules in battle and he was only eager to dominate him again in sex.  Only when he could sense true submission in the hero's soul would he allow him to cum.

Hercules' ego was finally shattered.  He moaned his unconditional submission to the demon!  Kzak's throbbing cock bounced inside the Olympian's muscle butt, spurting its fiery-hot seed deep within its tight confines!  Hercules merely lay there and accepted his master's cum as it flooded his tunnels.

Kzak's needs sated, the demigod was finally allowed to cum!  With quiet grunts, his own manhood shot round after round of his heavy balls' seed.  The thick globs of semen splattered on his abs, chest, and face, coating him with his own juices.

Determined to empty himself into this washed-up hero, Kzak continued to fuck Hercules with slow, deliberate thrusts.  The more he continued to fill Hercules' guts with his tainted cum, the greater the amount that began sloshing out from around the stretched hole.

The fiery seed felt warm inside Hercules body, and the pains in his muscles seemed to not matter much anymore.  All he really cared about was the feeling of being full of cock and cum by this red-skinned muscle monster.

Kzak, finally having his fill of sex, pulled his meat from Hercules' backside.  Like a waterfall emptying onto a lake, his cum came spurting out.  Hercules' hole soon managed to close up again, retaining the rest of his master's deposit.  Kzak grinned and leaned over to lick his bitch's body clean of his godly sperm.  His forked tongue made quick work of lapping up the ambrosia-tasting fluid.

The demon laughed quietly and lifted his newest slave into his arms.  He carried him to the center of the field and dropped him onto the charred ground.  Hercules moaned and remained still, grateful that the ordeal was behind him.  The idea that he was going to be used in such a way countless more times hadn't yet occurred to him.

With the snap of his fingers, Zeus was transported from his cage hidden in Kzak's lair to the battlefield where his son lost the fight for his freedom.  Both Olympians were made to kneel before their master and gaze in awe at his magnificence.  Their holes twitched hungrily at the sight of his refreshed erection, each longing to be skewered by that demon cock once more.  Both knew that they would likely end up in battle with each other for the privilege to be the first upon it.

It would be a very, very long time before Kzak tired of Zeus and Hercules and cast them from his domain, back to the world above.  Because of their enslavement to the mighty demon Kzak, the god king and his son would forever desire the cocks of others to satisfy their well-used holes.  And although they would eventually regain their abilities, somewhere in the backs of their minds, they knew that they were not the invulnerable gods they imagined themselves to be.  Deep inside their bodies would forever linger traces of the dark seed of the demon known as Kzak, Conqueror of Olympus.

The End

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Overwhelmed with desire for his fellow Justice League teammate, Superman grabs Batman in his strong, manly arms and soars into the sky!  Without a word, the Kryptonian stud locks lips with the Caped Crusader.  Their heavy bulges grind fervently together as they express their mutual love through deep grunts and tongue wrestling.

While Bruce and Clark make out high over a Metropolis aglow with a warm, romantic sunset, I wanted to wish you guys a happy and love-filled Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 19 and Bonus [End]

Keln rested his head against Thud's hot chest and enjoyed the relaxation.  Although the fight didn't go his way, he still felt satisfied in the end.  Thud's thick, goopy ogre cum remained mostly inside him, despite his legs being spread wide and his hole exposed to the air.

The ogre held his conquest close and took big sniffs of the satyr's hair.  It smelled like straw.  He grumbled contentedly and said, "Me stay 'til rutting season over.  Thud and goat man fuck 'til next full moon."

Keln could feel Thud's fat cock grow hard once again.  It pressed against his soft satyrhood and leaked generously over his shaft.

"Me ready to go again!"

Keln's eyes snapped open and he grunted with surprise, "...What?!"

The End

Keln stood still as he watched the ogre move around him, his face dangerously close to his own.  Thud then lifted a clawed finger his way and pointed to his left horn.

"Me think your horns too big!" the brute grunted bluntly.

Keln grumbled and ran his fingers across his spiral horn.  Sure, they were big, but not that big...

"No way!" he snapped back.  "You're ogre exaggerating!"

The two burst into a fit of laughter over the satyr's pun -- his corny, stupid, why-did-Lucky-Stallion-make-him-say-that pun.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick battle between Keln and Thud!  I'll be taking a break for a while.  Keep a look out for my next posting!

Rutting Season: Panel 18

Satisfied that he'd made his dominance clear to his half-human opponent-turned-mate, Thud swung the satyr's entire body around and sat himself down upon the sun-baked resting rock.  With short, sharp thrusts, he finished his breeding of Keln, finally unloading his seed into the hole nestled between those furry cheeks!

Keln cried out in heat as the feeling of Thud's hot erection pumping load after heavy load of ogre semen inside him sent him over the edge!  His cock bounced and sent his offering of cum high into the air!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 17

What Keln expected to be a horrific experience quickly became one of incredible pleasure.  He put up little resistance as the ogre had his way with his sore body.  The ogre placed his mate in a multitude of positions as he fucked him deep and hard.

Thud's fat, bulbous cock stretched his insides wide and coated him with its goopy precum, causing a squelching noise with its every thrust.  Keln moaned and grunted as he mated with the rough-fucking, victorious stud.  He spread his hoofed legs wide, inviting Thud to continue ravaging his backside with all of his might.

The ogre took Keln's puffy nipples between his rough fingers and pulled them cruelly.  The satyr's cries of pain soon turned to pleasure as Thud began to massage the tender buds.  He laughed out loud as he returned to pulling on them.

"KELN NIPPLES SOFT LIKE MAN!" he shouted over Keln's loud, whining bleats.  But the ogre knew better.  Keln's cock throbbed and bounced and leaked the entire time, telling him that the half-goat enjoyed the treatment.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 16

Thud placed his mate on the soft grass and mounted him from behind.  Keln's upper body pressed firmly against his resting rock as the victorious ogre's needy cock found its mark at his quivering hole.  The brute gave a deep grunt of satisfaction and penetrated Keln's final defenses!

The half-human moaned in bleats as his backside was taken roughly by the rutting ogre.  He could feel that fat meat stab rapidly at his butt as it worked to bury its thick precum inside, lubricating him for the ordeal.  Thud held onto Keln's muscular shoulders as he thrust himself deep inside his bitch.  His big belly rested on the satyr's furry butt cheeks as he pounded away at his backside.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Batman Versus The Pythons

Billionaire crime fighter, Bruce Wayne, who secretly kept the streets of Gotham City safe as the Caped Crusader, Batman, was hot on the trail of a courier who he suspected of possessing a synthetic steroid capable of giving an ordinary man extraordinary strength.

Batman had an idea of who the chemist was that developed the steroid, but before he made his move to confront the suspect, he needed to snag the courier and any documents he might be holding.

He carefully followed the courier -- a muscular man clearly on the steroid -- by lurking from the rooftops above.  He watched the man sneak through the shadows as he made his way to his destination.  Batman decided the time was right to drop down and catch him by surprise!  But when he went to tackle the man, he was caught and thrown into a cluster of trash cans and empty boxes!  He quickly grabbed a tracking device from his utility belt and threw it at the courier... but the man dodged the device and crushed it beneath his boot!

The last thing Batman heard of the man was his frantic running and his gradual footsteps fade into the distance.  The Dark Knight cursed under his breath and got to his feet.  He'd have to hurry back to the Batcave and figure something out before the trail ran cold and the steroid found its way into the bloodstream of every thug in Gotham.

It was when Batman stepped out of the shadows and made his way to the main road that he was blocked by two burly men.  One looked to be in his early twenties, with platinum blond hair.  The other, a man in his thirties with a shaved head, lacked a shirt and wore camo print cargo shorts.

"Well, looky here," the older one grunted, popping his knuckles threateningly.  "The Batpunk's trespassin' on Python territory."

A quick glance of his muscle mass told Batman that these two were likely users of the steroid.  Men like this often had little to no access to the muscle-building techniques that he utilized for his own physique.  The Pythons, a relatively new gang, had grown in influence much faster than many of the city's other underground organizations.  He'd been meaning to put an end to their group, but the pressure of gathering evidence against the chemist had put everything else on hold.

"Get out of the way," the Caped Crusader growled, wanting to get back to the Batcave quickly.  Nothing would stop him from finishing his mission!

"No can do, man," Troy, the younger one snickered, taking a bold step forward.  "Nobody walks these streets without givin' compensation to the Pythons.  Batpunk or not, you're gonna pay up."

The thugs assumed a fighting stance and moved toward Batman!  The hero gritted his teeth and raised his fists, ready to fight his way out.  The shirtless Python named Butch engaged him first, leaping forward and taking a swing!  Batman dodged and threw a return punch to his broad chest.

"Ungh, fuck!" Butch grunted, staggering back.  The hero landed a pretty good blow, he had to admit.

Batman turned to face the other gang member, but he was nowhere to be seen!  When he finally realized that the young thug was hiding under his billowing cape the whole time, it was too late!  Troy reached out and wrapped his arm around the Dark Knight's throat!

Butch seized the opportunity and sent his clenched fist into the hero's exposed abs!  Batman howled in pain from the strike to his unprotected belly.  The hit weakened him enough to allow the blond hoodlum to gain greater leverage over Batman's neck.  He held the hero steady and gave his fellow Python an easy opening to deal some brutal body blows.

Butch growled angrily as he bashed the Caped Crusader's years of hard exercise.  "It makes me wanna hurl," he snarled, punching away at Batman's abdominals.  "All this fuckin' beef!  Wasted on a punk like you!"

The younger thug chuckled into Batman's ear and maintained his hold.  A wrestler in high school, his specialty was subduing his opponents and, much like an actual python, never letting them go.

Butch took his time in working out his aggressions on Batman's weakening body.  His thinly-veiled jealousy for all of the world's superheroic men had finally reached a breaking point.  The hero could only moan and struggle in vain for freedom.  His attempts to reach for a gadget in his utility belt caused the burly thug to aim the next blow for his pouch!  All that covered his cock and balls that night were his outer suit and a jock underneath.  His manhood was utterly defenseless against the onslaught!

Batman's groans of agony gave the older gang member immense satisfaction.  He drew his leg back and drove his shin up, landing a devastating kick to the hero's groin!  Butch watched with pleasure as the fight instantly left the hero.

Batman could barely think straight, let alone devise a method of escape.  The pains in his body coupled with the crushing blow to his balls had sapped the strength from his legs, causing him to sink to the ground.  With his air supply cut to a trickle, the world around him began to soften, and his hearing became fuzzy as the sleepiness set in.

"Down you go, big boy..." Troy thought with great pleasure as the Dark Knight's struggles all but ceased.  Well aware of the kinds of tricks these heroes like to pull to escape peril, he reapplied the pressure to Batman's throat.

"Can't..." was all Batman could muster to speak about his predicament.

But Butch could only snicker at the sight.  "Yeh..." he grunted, raising his big arms in a double bicep flex.  "How's that constriction feel, man?  No dude gets out of a Python sleeper hold!"

Finally, Batman could take no more and he allowed his arms to go limp in surrender.

Batman was sure that he was going to be knocked out -- or worse.  And for the first time in a long time, he felt fear for not only his life, but everyone else in the country.  If these two thugs were capable of such strength with an unfinished sample of the steroid, it was unimaginable what the final product would do.  Every criminal in Gotham seek to empower themselves with it, overwhelm the police, and overrun the city!

Feeling his opponent nearing the edge of unconsciousness, the young hoodlum decided to let Batman go.  He wanted this hero awake for what he and Butch were about to do.  He shoved Batman to the ground and flipped him onto his back.

The crime fighter coughed roughly as he caught his breath.  The world slowly came back to focus, but without enough oxygen in his limbs, he felt nearly lifeless on the cold ground.  The one who'd brought him to such a state straddled his chest like a pro wrestler might pin his opponent.

"You fucked with the wrong bros, Batbitch!" he heard him say.  Troy flexed his powerful arms with pride -- the guns that brought Batman to his knees in defeat!

"AWW FUCK YEH!!" Butch bellowed.  He bounced his pecs and raised his fists up high.  "Out like a light!"

Troy stripped Batman of his utility belt and cape and threw them into the shadows of the alley.  The two thugs took great pleasure in slowly ripping every shred of Batman's proud costume from his huge, muscular form.  Soon, his hard body was nude and exposed to the world.  Butch took the mangled pile of spandex into his arms and casually threw it over the fence that separated All-Night Bail Bonds from Gotham Gold & Pawn.

"Always thought that get up looked like some pansy shit," he grunted with a low chuckle.

Just when he was about to unmask the hero, Troy spoke up, "Let's keep the mask on him."  With a lewd glint in his eye, he added, "When I fuck the Batman, I want him to know how much he's disgraced that damn cowl."

"Man, I knew Boss was right to have brought you into the gang," Butch laughed as they both unbuckled their pants and let them drop to the ground.  Unconfined from either stud wearing any underwear, their hard cocks sprang free out into the open air.

With little effort, they managed to force Batman onto his feet and up against the wall.  The hero struggled to catch his breath, and his legs trembled at what was to come.

"Ya gotta fuck ‘em real deep in there, Troy," the bigger brute grunted, placing the head of his mammoth penis to the Caped Crusader's vulnerable hole.  "If'n ya do it right, they won't be able to get hard anymore without ya!" he finished with a laugh.

"Damn, Butch, you're a stud..." Troy gasped in admiration of his fellow Python's manhood.  The thick tube of flesh throbbed and pulsated with Butch's every heartbeat.  He was ready to fuck.

Butch laughed out loud as he felt the Dark Knight of Gotham trembling.  A part of him figured it was from the lack of oxygen, but he still wanted to believe that Batman was just terrified.  He pushed the hero's torso down and placed his manly hands around Batman's hips.  "Ya quiverin', baby?" he asked coldly, massaging his victim's beefy, beaten body as he fed inch after inch of his big cock into that hot, tight hole.

Batman hated himself for actually enjoying the touch of this thug.  He suspected that the man had been a professional masseur before turning to a life of crime.  Before he realized it, Butch's entire length was inside him!  The shaft throbbed and bounced within him, and he could feel the fat mushroom head stretch him open.

"Don't ya worry none.  Big Butch'll be real gentle."

But as any of Butch's previous conquests would tell you, the smooth-headed thug was anything but gentle in bed.  The burly Python pulled out to the tip before slamming back in again, somehow managing to go even deeper than before!  Without allowing him to adjust, he rapidly thrust himself in and out, fucking away at the defeated hero.  The Dark Knight opened his mouth to scream, only to have it plugged by Troy's needy cock!

"Yeah, suck it, Batbitch..." he sighed in pleasure, leaning back against the brick wall to enjoy his blowjob.  Troy was used to Butch going first, but when it was Batman's lips around his shaft, he didn't mind as much.

Over the next hour, Batman took the full force of Butch's anal assault, and his jaw grew numb as he sucked and slurped the virile young thug, Troy.  Batman could feel his body betray him with every masculine advance of his conquerors.  His manhood grew to full erection and quivered with the heat that only men could share.  Known for his calmness and reasoning, the brooding hero never imagined that he could enjoy being dominated by the very villains he swore to bring to justice.

"Yeh, yer really gettin' in to it now, aren't ya, baby?" Butch moaned, plowing hard and fast at Batman's backside.  "Yer not such a big man anymore, are ya?  ARE YA?!" he roared, grabbing the Caped Crusader's cowl and forcing his head up.

"NO!!" Batman screamed out and immediately went back to work on Troy's cock!

"Yeh, that's what I thought.  Nothin' but a bitch."

"C'mon, Butch, lemme have a piece of that ass!" Troy urged his buddy.  "His mouth feels great, but I want some of what you're havin'!"

"Nngh, in a minute...  Just wanna savor it," Butch groaned, burying his erection deep inside the hero's hungry hole.  A few dozen thrusts later, he pulled out, cock still hard and throbbing.  A glob of Butch's precum spurt from Batman's abused butt, splattering on the ground below.  "Alright, bro -- he's all yers."

"Get over here!" Troy growled, grabbing Batman and moving him to the middle of the alley's cold road.  He slammed the hero's body to the hard ground and lifted his legs up high until the Dark Knight's entire weight rested on his shoulders.  Troy positioned his eager cockhead at the defeated crime fighter's upturned backside.

"Please...  No..." he pled in vain as the young thug slid his length inside!  Batman groaned in delirium.  His resistance left him in a flash once Troy's fat meat began to rub his inner walls and massage his prostate.  He enjoyed the different way this Python fucked: forceful and raw, but slower and more steady than Butch's brutal method.

"Just like I showed ya," Butch encouraged, licking his lips, "real deep!"

"Awesome, man!" Troy stated with elation.  "I'm really fuckin' Batman's ass!"

The platinum blond stud drove his cock home rapidly over the course of a half hour, drilling his new bitch's butt with the urgency of a young buck with a need to breed.  Butch sat down on Batman's face, forcing the hero to lick his virgin hole.  He grabbed hold of Batman's hard cock and stroked it slowly, teasingly -- never once allowing the Caped Crusader to orgasm.

Finally, the two Pythons were ready to mark their territory.  Troy pulled out of Batman's ass and let him fall to the ground with a grunt.  The conquering studs stood over their prey and stroked their cocks until they felt the fires of orgasm at last consume their manhoods!

"AWW FUCK!!" Butch roared, arms akimbo.  "TAKE THAT CUM!"  His heavy cock began to shoot its load directly on Batman's face!  His thick cream coated the cowl that frequently struck fear into the criminals of Gotham.

"OH FUCK YEAH!!" Troy soon joined in, his cock unable to hold out any longer!  He shouted his orgasm as his manhood joined his bro's and defiled the hero's mask.

Batman could only lay there and moan pathetically as his alternate identity was humiliated by these two lowly thugs.  And yet, his cock still throbbed with need and a desire to climax.  His insides felt empty without the massive cock of Big Butch filling it.  And his hole twitched and quivered for one more round of Troy's deep dicking.  He had yet to realize it, but he was finished -- not only as a hero of the people, but as the dominant man in sex.

"Ahhhh, yeh..." Butch sighed contentedly as he knelt down to wipe his manhood clean on Batman's cowl.  "Not a bad fuck.  I've had better, but the Batbitch wasn't bad.  Nice tight ass."  He stood and draped his arm over Troy's shoulder.

"You think the Boss'll be wantin' a piece of the Batpunk, Butch?"

"I like the way ya think, bro.  Let's get ‘im back to The Lair."

Having pulled his camo print shorts back on, Butch leaned over to finally yank the mask from the Dark Knight's head.  The material pulled away from the skin to reveal a man's handsome, familiar face.

"Well I'll be," Butch chuckled, patting the unmasked Batman's cheek.  He threw the mask onto the ex-hero's cape and hoisted his body up and onto a shoulder.  "Ya ready, Troy?" he then asked, giving their new bitch's butt a good, firm slap.

"Yeah, sec!" the blond thug replied, hurriedly redressing.  He grabbed the Batman's utility belt and snapped it around his waist.  Not content with that alone, he snagged the mask and cape.  Butch chuckled as he watched the young buck slip the semen-drenched cowl that once belonged to a very prominent man over his head.  Troy draped the crime fighter's cape over his shoulders with pride.  With any luck, the Boss would let him keep these things as a reward for their victory.

"Bruce Wayne, eh?" Troy laughed, walking with Butch out of the dark alley.  "Who would'a thought?"

Butch chuckled and nodded, giving his precious cargo's leg a good rub.  "This big boy'll fetch the Pythons some serious cash."

The two thugs walked casually out and onto the quiet streets of Gotham City and returned victorious to their gang's hideout.  With Bruce Wayne's vast resources at their Boss' disposal, the Pythons would rise to be one of Gotham's top criminal organizations.

Within a matter of months, the steroid that granted them their enhanced strength would be perfected and sold to every young punk who had a desire to take down a hero of their very own.

The End