Friday, February 8, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 17

What Keln expected to be a horrific experience quickly became one of incredible pleasure.  He put up little resistance as the ogre had his way with his sore body.  The ogre placed his mate in a multitude of positions as he fucked him deep and hard.

Thud's fat, bulbous cock stretched his insides wide and coated him with its goopy precum, causing a squelching noise with its every thrust.  Keln moaned and grunted as he mated with the rough-fucking, victorious stud.  He spread his hoofed legs wide, inviting Thud to continue ravaging his backside with all of his might.

The ogre took Keln's puffy nipples between his rough fingers and pulled them cruelly.  The satyr's cries of pain soon turned to pleasure as Thud began to massage the tender buds.  He laughed out loud as he returned to pulling on them.

"KELN NIPPLES SOFT LIKE MAN!" he shouted over Keln's loud, whining bleats.  But the ogre knew better.  Keln's cock throbbed and bounced and leaked the entire time, telling him that the half-goat enjoyed the treatment.

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