Friday, July 31, 2015

Guard and Delkaro

These guys are two characters who make an appearance in the August image story for my Patreon’s top tier.  The blue stud is simply named Guard.  He fights in the army of Delkaro (on the right), the lord and ruler of their planet.  Delkaro is the father of Ankaro, one of the main characters in this tale.

This story will be coming in August over at my Patreon (in the Bodybuilder Wrestling Champion League tier).  Thanks very much for your support!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quick Note: Site Overhaul Coming Soon

Hey, guys.  I mentioned some months ago (around the time that Blogger threatened to essentially close down all adult blogs) that I would be transitioning Barbaric Brawn to a new, modern site.

The hosting company I'd been using to store my images has recently merged/been acquired by someone else, and while that seemed fine initially, it seems to have been handled poorly in my case and it's causing me to now look elsewhere for my hosting needs.  I believe I've settled on a good one that's adult-oriented with comparable pricing.

So I'll be taking that opportunity to move the blog into a beautiful WordPress-powered site.

After that happens, the new site will decouple from Blogger and will become its own entity again -- as an archive of sorts.

As I won't be using the same hosting company and my plan is set to expire, many of the images on the Blogger site (the images that link to will become broken in the middle of August.  I'll be reuploading those images/stories to the new site over time.

I'll have more info closer to when I plunge in and get things going.  I'll try to be as quick as I can with the new site and set up a Coming Soon page with helpful links, etc.

Thanks, everyone.  Your support makes this craziness easier to deal with.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Patreon July and Early August

Hey there, everyone!  I started my Patreon a week ago today and it's been going pretty smoothly, I'm happy to say.  Great thanks to my patrons and for those who took the time to check it out.

The current rewards listed there (from all tiers included) are:

Ares in Athens 01 and 02
The New Champion v1 and v2
Vengeance Denied 01 - 15
The Twins of Tibor 01 - 04
Ankaro and Grekiel

All the art posted there are much higher resolution than the versions coming here later on and at way lower compression, improving image quality immensely.

The Twins of Tibor (first panel of four)

Coming in August for the Bodybuilder Wrestling Champion League tier is a pro wrestling image story set in outer space starring two new original characters, Ankaro and Grekiel!  This match will be a loser-cums-first style fight with sex stakes.

This one (as well as several other ideas) is in development now!  Thanks very much again for your interest and support!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Patreon is Now Open

After a lot of work getting everything ready to go and then triple checking it all, I finally launched my Patreon page late last night and added the first batch of rewards.

Patreon is a tip-subscription-based site for creators with the added benefit of being able to offer patrons content as a reward for their generosity.  Using the honor system, the subscriptions are charged in one go at the end of the month (or the 1st of the next month) and you can put as much as you'd like in the jar, so to speak.

As of now, there are three tiers (I call them leagues) with increasingly better rewards: Stable Stud Supporter League, Street Brawler Titan League, and Bodybuilder Wrestling Champion League.

As time goes by, and depending on the success of it, I'll consider adding more benefits and other features for my patrons.

Do check me out and give it a glance if you're interested.  I do appreciate that and you guys very much.  Thank you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Patreon Plans

Update: My Patreon page is live and launched!  I'd love if you took a look here:


Hey there, guys.  I mentioned a while ago about maybe opening a Patreon subscription page after my (and all adult-oriented) Selz store was shut down.  I've decided to go through with it and have been working to prepare art for its two reward tiers.

I'll have more details about it soon, but I wanted to show a couple of them here.  Ares in Athens is a first tier two image set (the second of which with Ares erect) with the god of war sitting in beautiful Athens and receiving worship from triplet brothers who can't help but to touch this hulking masculine deity.

For the second tier is Vengeance Denied, a mini image story (which is currently at 9 images and isn't quite done yet) about a man named Brad who is in search of his brother who was taken in the dark of the night.  He heads out into the mean streets and ends up meeting two rough thugs who want to add the blond stud to their growing list of conquests.

These works will eventually make their way to the blog, though after a long stretch of time for the subscribers to enjoy first and at a much lower resolution and more compression than on Patreon.  I'm hoping that this will be a success and, as always, I'll strive to make great work for you guys as thanks for your support.

There isn't much to see just yet, but the page will be open at

Thank you very much!

Friday, July 10, 2015

A New Tarzan Tale By Alex

My friend Alex posted a more recent story of his, Tarzan and the Twins of Tibor, over at his blog, The Cave.  It's a great jungle story filled with hot wrestling and domination, much like you'd find here.

It's highly recommended, like all of his stories, so be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Naja Story Project Pages (WIP)

Hey there, guys.  Hopefully your weekends were great.  I saw some really nice fireworks when I went out for a burger on the 4th.  I went to a Sonic (a drive-in chain here in the USA) and watched the 5 (!) fireworks shows going on at various people's houses in the far distance.

Unfortunately, I encountered a couple of drivers who seemed to be intoxicated on the way back home.  That wasn't fun.  But thankfully everything was alright.

I've been having a very strange time with the snakemen vs humans story.  For the past couple years or so, my stories have been in 16:9 widescreen.  But with this one, I decided to go for a comic book presentation.  I did some research and have decided to make this one 11:17 to reflect a typical comic's size (I'll need to account for the 10:15 bleed border for any potential future printings).

It's been difficult to adjust to this ratio, but I'm starting to come around to it.  Here are the first two work-in-progress pages I wanted to share for the moment.  Stuff is subject to change as always, but this is how they look for the moment.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day and Canada Day 2015

A very happy and safe Independence Day and Canada Day from Barbaric Brawn!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rumble in the Jungle

This was a commission for Sharlin starring a certain blond cat mutant and a jungle protector.  He also wrote a great companion text story to go along with it.  If you have an account at FA, be sure to check out his page here to read it!