Monday, December 30, 2013

500,000 Hits

The blog just hit 500,000 page views tonight, and I can't be any more surprised at how quickly that happened.  It'd only been 9 months since the 200,000 milestone and the page counter has already more than doubled.

Bomani, son of Kugo, wanted to be the one to deliver the news -- and, like his big daddy, he couldn't help but show off that sexy body of his in the process!

Thank you guys for your continued support.  I love you all, and I always appreciate your taking the time to leave comments, reaction clicks, or even just stopping by for a minute!

This was a really nice milestone to end the year on and it's all because of you.

-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rematch: Jabari Taunt

I wanted to go ahead and tease you guys with a small preview of my next story.  It's been a little over year since, but I'm returning to Tarzan and giving the jungle stud a sequel!

I've updated Jabari to version 2, giving him a fine-tuning in his facial structure and an overall skin refresh.  Having defeated Tarzan and taken his place as king of the jungle, Jabari now wears a big cat tooth necklace and a loincloth of rare snow leopard skins.

In this direct sequel to The New Jungle King, I'll explain what happened to Tarzan shortly after his defeat and the weeks that proceeded his dethroning at the hands of Jabari and the Mogu tribe.

Tarzan will once again meet Jabari in this wrestling ring of vines and stone and struggle to reclaim his crown from the new jungle king!  Keep a look out for more info!

Quick Note: Minor Setback

A little over a week ago, I received word from my donation site that my account over there would be suspended "in the next few days" because of a violation that I was believed to be guilty of.  I disagreed with the somewhat-confusing reason they gave (I didn't offer adult content on my page there) and wrote a politely-worded reply that same night.

I never heard anything back, and my account remained open.  Up until today, anyhow.  I logged in to find that it was finally suspended.  No idea if they even read my appeal or what they thought of my counterargument.

This won't affect the blog at all, just so I'm not confusing the situation.  I just wanted to let you guys know in case you were wondering.

I also want to say a great thank you to those of you who donated while that page was open.  The next time I try something like that, I'll be a lot more vague.  I believe that being too open was my problem there.

-Lucky Stallion

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Conan vs Ogre King

This is a short tale (and a bit darker than my usual stuff, be warned!) I made for this bit of practice I had earlier tonight!

Conan the Cimmerian stood atop the high cliff surrounded by the treacherous sea, facing off against the mighty Ogre King.  The beastly male raised his powerful, titanic arms in a display of raw masculinity.  The ogre was so mighty, even the barbarian felt a rare twinge of fear staring into the brute's ugly face.

Conan grabbed for his sword, ready to do battle with the Ogre King.  But with one swipe, the dark olive male knocked the trusty blade clean from the distracted barbarian's hand, sending it soaring over the edge of the cliff.  The sword clattered down the side and into the churning ocean, never to be seen again.

Male battled male for the pleasure of the gods, but only one would emerge victorious in this dangerous encounter.  Slowly but surely, the Ogre King landed more blows, and gained an advantage over the human -- an advantage that would hold until the very end.  Conan could maintain his offense no longer and was forced into defense.  A rumble of ogre pride sounded from the king's massive chest as the tide of battle turned his way.  His fists slammed into the barbarian's muscular body again and again, beating down his muscle and wearing away his ability to fight back.

Finally, with one last bone-shattering uppercut, Conan the barbarian was vanquished.  The human let out a mighty cry of defeat as he flew into the air and his body fell upon the hard, rocky clifftop.  The Ogre King uttered a low grumble of satisfaction.  Yet another man had fallen before his might.

Reaching down, the ogre made nude the barbarian, tearing away his loincloth, boots, necklace, and armbands.  These would suffice as his spoils of battle and would remain as treasures in his lair for all time.

The Ogre King snorted at the sight of the naked human.  Though he preferred the holes of females to breed, he would grant this human one last humiliation before he sent him to the gods.  The powerful ogre thrust himself deeply into Conan's tight ass, taking the man's backside as the harsh laws of muscle and might allowed him.  The victorious stud held the barbarian's body still as he plowed him quickly, savoring every moment.  Soon after, the olive-skinned male climaxed, spurting several rounds of goopy ogre cum into the human.

The barbarian lay still as his dominator lifted his totally nude body high into the air.  The king of the ogres roared his victory over the once-fearsome barbarian!  With one mighty effort, the ogre threw his conquered foe over the cliff and down into the raging waters below.

The gods, having greatly enjoyed the exciting battle provided unto them, blessed the Ogre King with the strength of Conan, giving the brute a boost to his own and elevating him to the undisputed, most powerful creature alive.

The Ogre King thrust his pecs toward the sky and grunted, feeling a new surge of strength flow into his burly muscles.  It was survival of the fittest and, yet again, the dominant stud overcame.  He was king.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Tony is a thug who lives in one of the seedier parts of Metro City.  Skilled in the art of lock picking, Tony is quick to take what he needs and eager to take what he wants.  Officers who encounter the leather-clad thug often meet a humiliating, erotic fate.

Many of them, blubbering and rosy-cheeked, are stripped of everything but their shoes and hats and hung by their jockstraps, inviting the other thugs of the mean streets to slap their bubble butts as much as they want.

But for a few of those officers of the law, their encounters with Tony aren't a one time thing.  Dressed as inconspicuously as possible, they go out into the dark alleys, hoping to find the mohawk-headed stud dressed in black leather.  Regular sex isn't enough for those poor cops anymore.  After Tony gets them on their knees, they just can't get hard anymore unless they're begging him for permission.


Swinging through the trees with the greatest of ease: it's Blondzan, Blondzan! ♪ ♫

I spent a little time updating my Tarzan model (with more updates to come later) and had the idea to give him a platinum dye job just to see what he'd look like.  He's like a whole new jungle king.  Well, sorta.

I have an idea of what I'd like to do next.  Something short and fun and probably a bit challenging.  I'll see how it goes.

Until then, eat plenty of bananas and watch out for monkeys grabbing at your loincloth!