Thursday, September 25, 2014


The alternate ending of The New Member is coming soon, but I wanted to go ahead and post this teaser I did of a heavy, cold alteration of one of the panels.

Go ahead and give it a lick.  It's okay.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P6 [end]

Part VI: The Destiny of Man

King Alurad Ranzen heard the crash of glass and saw the orcish arrow slide along the floor of his throne room.  The King of Men watched as the threatening object slid to a stop in front of him.  Normally, Ranzen would've called on his guards to take and inspect the object, but they were all gone now.  Only a day ago, he'd sent them out to help the defense of Mansrock, a large trading center a few miles south of the castle.

Ranzen had been made well aware of the overwhelming advances Bra'thor Krag, overlord of the orcs of Grohmah, had made into his kingdom.  He'd been made well aware of the situation, yet he feared nothing.  The king truly believed in the dominance of man and would defeat the entire orc civilization himself if need be.

With a grunt, he knelt down to retrieve the sheet of parchment attached to the arrow.  He unrolled the paper and narrowed his eyes.  It was a message from Krag.

"Ranzen," he read with a scowl on his handsome face, "by now you will find yourself without support.  Your humans are mine.  It is time to finish what our ancestors have begun.  It is time for my orcs to conquer — only the alpha may rule.  Come to the Point of Destiny.  I will be waiting."

The human king let the paper fall from his hand to the floor as he stared off into space.  His heart began to beat faster and his gut felt like it was twisting in knots.  He stood upright and clenched his fists.  Now was the time for him to be his people's champion.  He would emerge victorious over the orc overlord and free his men from their ways once and for all!"

"I have no choice," he growled to himself.  "It's time to end this conflict and bring the orcs to their knees!" Ranzen pushed his throne aside, revealing a secret passageway that led under the castle.  It was there that he would walk to the place that Krag was waiting.  "You're mine, Krag.  You and your greenskins will belong to man."

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The New Member

The New Member is the new image story starring Tony (who is now with a new original gang and freelances now and then with Mad Gear).  I spoke of an alternate ending in my last teaser for this.  That's still on schedule, but I figured I would go ahead and post this part now and save the alt end for later this month.

Enjoy, guys!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P5

Part V: The Bloodwolves

They were called the Bloodwolves: a tribal pack of humans who preferred to live among the wild in the Grasslands, away from the settled men of Greystone and overlooking the Oasis of Light.  The Oasis was the most important source of water in Greystone and was said to be the birthplace of Falthor, the first King of Men.  The leader of the Bloodwolves was a man known only as Vulg.  Although their pack had sworn allegiance to the king (then Hurk) and they were on good terms with the world's friendly races, the group of uncivilized men felt more at ease on their own.  The Bloodwolves were allowed to live in peace at the Oasis, provided they protect it at all costs.

Vulg watched as his men lay upon the soft grass for a night of lovemaking.  The daily hunt had gone well and their bellies were filled with nature's bounty.  The smooth-headed stud smiled as he watched his tribe sucking each other's cocks, their throbbing shafts wet with precum and saliva, mouths traveling over one cock after another until every man had tasted his tribal brother's manhood and pleasured it to give thanks to the gods for their good fortunes.

Until one day...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Commissions Are Live

Hey there, guys.  After an awful lot of planning and fiddling with the details, I've finally summoned the courage and taken the plunge into taking commissions.  I'm going to start with three request slots.  When those are filled, they'll stay closed until I've finished with the third.

I hope that you find the pricing reasonable -- finding the right amount has been my biggest problem about the entire thing.  I will be offering a discount of 10% off to repeat successful commissioners for future work.

You can find all the information now at the Commission Info page.  Thanks, everyone!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Goop Monster Test (Update)

Run, Jacob!  Hide!  It's the... unnamed goop monster guy thing!  I was testing out a new shader I bought and, while he still needs quite a bit of tweaking, I'm happy with what emerged from the goopy mess.

He takes a long, long, freaking long time to render compared to what I'm used to -- especially when I tested him as semi-transparent.  I may end up making him more like a gelatin whenever I get around to using him again, but for now I wanted to post his test for you guys.

Update: I went ahead and added transparency to him after running a few more tests.  I think he may still need some more work, but I managed to find a good balance of opacity.  When I end up doing something like this in the future, I'll add more goop around him so it looks like he's dripping the slime he's made from.

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P3 + P4

Part III: An Unheeded Warning

"Hnngh... aghhh... yeaaaah..." King Alurad Ranzen grunted with pleasure as he thrust into the meaty butt of the local blacksmith.  The man reminded Ranzen greatly of Hurk, the former King of Men.

Ranzen's victory and humiliation of Hurk in the old arena had effectively shattered the confidence of man's king.  This sudden rival, this young and fresh stallion, had come charging into his life and left his ego in pieces.  Seconds after Ranzen had lifted the crown from his head and placed it atop his own, the defeated man was given a choice: he could hang his head in shame and flee the kingdom... or he could choose to be enslaved for the new king's pleasure.

For nearly two months, Ranzen held his new slave, the former king's beefy body against his own, their hot sweat and firm muscle slapping together during their many nights together in the royal bedchamber.  With Ranzen's every orgasm inside the middle-aged king's tight hole, they both relived that day that forever changed the course of man.  They both remembered the day that Ranzen came marching into Greystone Castle, holding the massively-muscular body of the fallen king high above his head like the ultimate prize of a dangerous hunt.  Hurk sucked his dominator's cock before his guards and licked from his hole, verifying this new man as king.  And since that day, he'd been a faithful and obedient servant of King Ranzen, tending to his every desire.