Friday, September 5, 2014

Goop Monster Test (Update)

Run, Jacob!  Hide!  It's the... unnamed goop monster guy thing!  I was testing out a new shader I bought and, while he still needs quite a bit of tweaking, I'm happy with what emerged from the goopy mess.

He takes a long, long, freaking long time to render compared to what I'm used to -- especially when I tested him as semi-transparent.  I may end up making him more like a gelatin whenever I get around to using him again, but for now I wanted to post his test for you guys.

Update: I went ahead and added transparency to him after running a few more tests.  I think he may still need some more work, but I managed to find a good balance of opacity.  When I end up doing something like this in the future, I'll add more goop around him so it looks like he's dripping the slime he's made from.


  1. Is the shader split? I mean, are you blending two texture processes as your main texture? They say (not sure who they are, but I did read it) that if you blend a second copy of the same texture over the original and set the displacement quite high, you get a very thick, wet mucousy look. I would imagine you would have to set the highly displaced texture to some measure of transparency, so that would doubtless exponentially increase your render times, but it does look cool.

    But you probably know way more about shaders and textures than I do. Since I tend to concentrate on animations I have to keep my textures quite simple. I did, however, try to get a wet look for my amphibian alien and got decent results. I'll post a pic at my blog. I just used the "Wet Paint" texture.

    This looks great tho. I would love to have seen how it looked more transparent.

    1. I'd have to check later (got another project in my studio at the moment), but I think it was split, yeah. I would need to spend a bit of time testing the insane list of settings for the surfaces. Originally, his eyes and mouth were glowing as though he were a phantom, until I changed the subsurface strength from 200% to 50%.

      I'll definitely make him somewhat transparent next time, though. But it does add a ton of extra processing time to the wait -- which makes for difficult testing. I'll see how it goes.

      Thanks for the tips! I'll keep a lookout for your alien pic.

  2. Would be interesting if the Goop Monster sucked muscular energy, cocks of muscled men in a similar way to the slime of youtube videos