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The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P5

Part V: The Bloodwolves

They were called the Bloodwolves: a tribal pack of humans who preferred to live among the wild in the Grasslands, away from the settled men of Greystone and overlooking the Oasis of Light.  The Oasis was the most important source of water in Greystone and was said to be the birthplace of Falthor, the first King of Men.  The leader of the Bloodwolves was a man known only as Vulg.  Although their pack had sworn allegiance to the king (then Hurk) and they were on good terms with the world's friendly races, the group of uncivilized men felt more at ease on their own.  The Bloodwolves were allowed to live in peace at the Oasis, provided they protect it at all costs.

Vulg watched as his men lay upon the soft grass for a night of lovemaking.  The daily hunt had gone well and their bellies were filled with nature's bounty.  The smooth-headed stud smiled as he watched his tribe sucking each other's cocks, their throbbing shafts wet with precum and saliva, mouths traveling over one cock after another until every man had tasted his tribal brother's manhood and pleasured it to give thanks to the gods for their good fortunes.

Until one day...

A particularly-fearsome band of orcs had come fast and hard upon their encampment, ravaging their supplies and roaring their devotion to Overlord Krag.  The Bloodwolves had been taken by surprise, but they wouldn't be defeated so easily.  Over a dozen orcs and men battled on the field for control of the Grasslands.  The leader of the Bloodwolves, Vulg, stood strong in the midst of the chaos, directing his men and rallying them to fight on with human pride and courage.

But these orcs were proving too strong for even the wild Bloodwolves to handle.  They were driven back, deeper into the Grasslands where the Oasis stood.  One by one, the orcs wore down the savage humans, subduing and intoxicating them with sap of arousal.  Wanting more of the addicting fluid, those defeated men were easily escorted to the nearest orc stronghold for temporary detainment.

"Fight hard!  Bloodwolves no let orcs win!  Men rule this land; this land our home!!" Vulg bellowed to the remainder of his men, beating his chest with his fists.  He stood at the outer edge of the Oasis, surveying the fight.  He couldn't understand why these greenskins were so emboldened today, nor could he comprehend what their loss would mean for the whole of Greystone.  So distracted by his morale-boosting, Vulg never noticed the biggest orc of the group approach from behind...

"UNNGHH!!" he grunted, taking the sudden blow of the attacker's fists to his upper back.  Vulg fell to the ground in an instant.  He turned quickly to see a massive orc standing tall and proud, musclebound and growling.  This orc, like Vulg, was simply named Rogg.

Second only to Bra'thor Krag himself, Rogg was one of the biggest orcs to have ever been born.  Rogg stood a head taller than Vulg and weighed nearly twice as much.  Embedded in his nose and nipples were ring piercings, each one administered to him by Overlord Krag himself to commemorate Rogg's achievements in advancing the orc race.  What he lacked in intellect, the beastly mass that was known as Rogg more than made up for in muscle and might.

"Rogg SMASH little human like chicken egg!  Me want fuck!  Rogg crush ALL human who not kneel to ORC POWER!!" the green behemoth roared, bringing his arms up in an intimidating double bicep pose.

Vulg had never seen such a bestial creature in all of his days walking the world.  But fear was a foreign emotion to the human.  The bigger these greenskins, he figured, the more glorious the victory as they lay at your feet, weeping like babes!  Vulg leapt to his feet and charged Rogg, toppling the powerhouse orc to the ground!  The two studs rolled along the rocky outer edge of the Oasis, trading blows as they left their groups alone to battle it out.

Suddenly, they lost their stability and slipped, tumbling down the cliff and toward the waters below!  Man and orc roared in fright as they plummeted hundreds of feet from the Bloodwolves' last stand.  With a titanic splash, their massive bodies were plunged into the water!

Under the surface, Rogg and Vulg began grappling again, each warrior struggling to gain the upper hand and cause his opponent to pass out, gaining an instant victory.  But neither stud would yield, and they both soon found themselves fearing drowning.  Rogg grabbed his human foe's head in his mighty hand and sent his other one rushing into the softskin's exposed gut.  Vulg expelled the rest of his air in a grunt and began to panic!  Rogg smiled broadly and grabbed the struggling human by his cock as he made for dry land.

Vulg coughed roughly as he was thrown onto the shore, forcing air back into his lungs.  The smooth-headed human groaned and struggled to rise again.  His vision was blurred and his ears were irritated by the water, but the threat of the orcs pushed him to get up and fight on.  He never noticed Rogg standing behind him, fists clenched and preparing to attack...

The powerful orc leapt high into the air and brought his entire weight down upon his disoriented foe!  The wild human groaned in confused pain as he was flattened by the orc's incredible bulk!

"Gruuh... human weak..." the orc spoke lowly, his big chest rumbling steadily atop the man under him.  He took a moment to breathe and enjoy the feeling of the hopelessly-outmatched human beneath him.  "ROGG... STRONG!!"

"VULG... STRONGER...!!" the man bellowed, summoning the strength to buck and throw the behemoth off.  The nude human sprang upright and dove onto his opponent, grabbing that mighty, green arm and wrenching it behind his back.  The orc roared, the strain in his arm and side growing more and more painful.

"ORC GIVE IN!  SUBMIT TO VULG!!" the human spat, not letting up.  He dug his heels into Rogg's back and neck, keeping the pressure high and the orc's chances of escape at a minimum.

Rogg grunted and snorted, his free hand clenched in a tight fist and smashing the ground in a fit of rage.  He refused to surrender to such an unworthy adversary.  Rogg's breathing deepened and his biceps bulged.  With the strength that made him so feared by man and orc alike, the green brute pulled his arm back to his front in one swipe, throwing the human who was clinging so intently to his wrist onto the ground and away from him.

Vulg groaned, a face full of earth meeting him as he regained his senses.  Beads of sweat and water drizzled from his massively-muscular body, beaten and baked by the heat of the long, perilous day.  Rogg's deep red eyes stared angrily at the defiant human.  No softskin had ever come between Rogg and victory, and that wasn't about to change now.

The human grunted as he struggled to lift himself off the ground and fight on when suddenly, he felt a large pair of hands grope at his chest.  Rogg had grabbed him and pressed his back tightly to the orc's sweat-soaked chest.  Vulg groaned and gasped as those meaty fingers stroked his sensitive nipples and roamed down to his groin.

"Overlord Krag say to Rogg 'men weak to orc cock.'  Rogg believe all what Overlord say.  Me want try; see new man weakness for self," the hulking orc cooed into Vulg's ear as his ministrations continued unimpeded.

The human cried out with every rough grope and squeeze of his big cock and heavy balls.  But the area that caused Vulg the greatest amount of pleasure were his nipples.  Rogg's dopey face spread into a mischievous grin as he attacked those puffy peaks of flesh.  Vulg screamed in pleasure and spurt a heavy dollop of precum far into the distance from his jutting cock.

"Men have many weakness," the orc narrated his discovery with a low laugh.  He dragged his tongue along his writhing opponent's neck and up to his ear, giving the soft flesh several gentle gnaws with his sharp teeth.  He though it strange that he felt such attraction for this puny human, but the man's scent and taste excited him in ways few others ever have.  He could tell that this human was wild and savage, that they were kindred spirits in that sense.  He wanted to dominate this Vulg and claim him as his own!

"Unnh... n-no... aghh..." Vulg shivered in deep pleasure.  Although he knelt upon the wet shore, Vulg's legs were unstable and trembled.  He sank back into the hot, rumbling chest of the orc as he enjoyed the forbidden touches of those green, meaty fingers.

"VULG SUBMIT TO ROGG!" the orc suddenly roared, converting his rubs into a belly-to-back bearhug!  The orc squeezed his foolish opponent firmly to his pecs and abs, his bulging arms unbreakable.

Vulg howled and arched his back, throwing his arms out wide as he bellowed, "UWAAAAGHHH!!  ME SURRENDER — SURRENDER TO ORC!!"  With the leader of the Bloodwolves' submission to Grohmah complete, the Grasslands and its Oasis of Light were yielded to the orc invaders.

"Human obey Rogg; Rogg reward..." the greenskin grunted deep and low, his hands moving back to the man's chest to stroke and pull at the nipples that adorned those big pecs.  Vulg moaned in erotic heat, allowing himself to fall willingly into the trap set by the titanic orc.  The wild man's greatest weakness had been discovered by his enemy and was being exploited mercilessly.  But Vulg no longer cared.

Vulg could feel Rogg's massive orchood rise to full erection and press against the small of his back.  He felt the bulbous head of his master's orchood drip its sweet precum down his back and between his muscular glutes.  Vulg knew that it was absolutely forbidden for man to fraternize with the enemy of Greystone.  He knew that with his surrender, he'd likely be carried back to Grohmah to work for and serve the orcs.  But... he couldn't resist these taboo, newfound desires.

Rogg reached down and allowed his precum to coat his middle finger.  He brought the wet digit up to Vulg's mouth and pushed inside, allowing the human the pleasure of tasting his sap of arousal.  Vulg suckled at the orc's finger, licking off every drop of precum his tongue could find.  Rogg chuckled lowly, enjoying the act.

"Me want... me want orc cock..." Vulg moaned breathlessly, closing his eyes and spreading his legs a bit.  Rogg ignored the human's request and went back to work on the softskin's erect nipples.  For well over an hour, the orc teased his new slave's powerful chest, slapping those meaty pecs every now and then to reassert his dominance.

"Rogg ready!  Me want fuck!" the orc suddenly grunted, shoving Vulg to the ground.  Rogg lay down beside the human and quickly thrust his cock inside his conquest's quivering hole.

"Agh!!  Aah... ahnn... me want... orc cock..." Vulg groaned, slowly adjusting to the incredible girth of the massive greenskin.  That orc cock slid deeper and deeper into his tight depths, causing the orc to spurt even more precum inside.  Man and orc soon became one.

Rogg began a firm and clumsy fucking, his hips slamming into the human's aching lower body with desire.  Vulg cried out in pleasure as he was taken by his first orc — a moment he would never forget.  The human spurt a heavy load of precum onto the ground as Rogg's fat cockhead mashed against his prostate.  He'd never felt such an intense feeling of heat from another creature atop him.  The orc held him steady as he was bred without pause.

"Gruuuh... gruuhhh!!" Rogg grunted with satisfaction as he plowed away, his balls happily bouncing to their own rhythm with his every lumbering jab.  Rogg's first union with a human was going well.  Luckily, the orc was destined to have a proud, strong warrior like Vulg to take his mammoth cock.  Any lesser man would've surely been broken upon his fearsome shaft.

Rogg's sap of arousal coursing through his system, Vulg relaxed for his master, his legs spread apart and his ass ready for more.  The human never imagined that sex with these green brutes could be so intense, so primal.  He loved his tribe deeply, but none of them dared fuck or challenge him in ways that Rogg so easily had.  This orc completed him, and he began to fantasize about his future life under Rogg and the other orcs of Grohmah for many years to come.

"ROGG STRONG!!" the orc roared as he suddenly climaxed, spurting waves of hot, potent orc semen deep inside his human conquest.  Vulg bellowed his own orgasm and came with his master, his cum shooting onto the sandy ground below.  Orc and man continued to spurt, emptying their balls and consummating their fight together.

"Rogg... Master..." Vulg groaned, collapsing onto the ground.  The first load of cum from the orc champion had overwhelmed his senses, knocking him out and sending him into a deep sleep.

The orc's strong, calloused hands slowly stroked the human's smaller body.  He grumbled with a mixture of pleasure and power as he massaged the man's muscular form.  Had his overlord not discovered this weakness of man, Rogg would've simply smashed Vulg into a flapjack and had been done with him.  This was the first time Rogg had thrust his cock into a man's backside and he knew for sure it wouldn't be his last.

"Gruuhh..." he rumbled, pulling his erect cock from that soft hole.  He wiped his semen-coated orchood clean on Vulg's thigh before standing, fists high in the air, roaring in victory for the orcs!

Rogg carried Vulg's unconscious body, slung over his shoulder, back up to the Grasslands to meet with the other orcs of his band.  Many of them had already taken their victory fuck and addicted the humans to their cum, while others were still enjoying the once-forbidden bodies of the human race.

Those who had finished up began erecting standards with Grohmah's symbol on the ripped and worn flags.  Once done, they blew loudly and lowly through their war horns, signaling to the closest unit of orc troops to come and secure their conquered territory.  The giant statue of the former King Hurk would be toppled and its rubble used to construct a monument to orc rule.

The orcs remarked that the Grasslands savages had put up a good fight, and it was all the sweeter to finally claim them and their land as property of Overlord Krag.  The men would serve the orcs well and in return be well taken care of, with all the sex they could ever ask for.

Back in Greystone...

"What?!" King Ranzen roared at Yord, a scout who'd recently moved to the castle town of Brunnr and entered into service to the crown.

"T-The Grasslands and the Bloodwolves have been... taken by the... orcs," the younger man timidly repeated.  "Our eighth patrol unit s-spotted the orcs carrying the men and... more were coming in from the southeast.  They fought us hard and... captured our unit in its entirety.  A-Around 35 men in total were lost to Grohmah... my King."

Ranzen sat silently upon his throne, teeth and fists clenched tightly.  Over the past few weeks, Krag had been making rapid gains into the Kingdom of Men and his people were dropping fast.  The orcs had never been this big of a threat before.  Ranzen refused to believe that Krag was some sort of brilliant commander.  No, there had to be another explanation...

"What is his secret?" Ranzen grunted to himself, pecs flexing, abs tensing.  "I must know what he's doing before he overwhelms my kingdom!"

"My Lord," the blond scout hesitantly spoke up.  "I did notice that the men had been... penetrated by the orcs.  Perhaps that is related to—"

"You dare come before me and speak of such a thing?!" Ranzen snarled his way, standing up and towering over his servant.  "Man would never bed with orc or the reverse!  Begone from my sight with such talk!  You young fools infuriate me with your lies of dishonor!"

Yord yelped his deepest apologies and sprinted from his king's throne room, his flimsy loincloth swaying wildly with his haste.  Ranzen snorted and plopped back down in his seat.  The king spread his legs apart and displayed his sudden erection to his two nearest guards.  The men looked at one another and uttered a jealous growl.  One leapt at the other and engaged in a spontaneous wrestling match to determine who would have the honor of pleasuring their king's meaty cock.

In Grohmah...

"Excellent...  The campaign is succeeding beyond even my expectations," Bra'thor Krag rumbled with pride as he sat upon his seat of power in the capital city of the orcs.

He'd just finished receiving a status report from the leader of one of his best band of raiders.  He was told that 80% of the human's settlements and 90% of their farms had been captured and demolished and its residents captured and taken back to orc lands.  What did remain of the kingdom had been choked of resources and brought to their knees as more and more orcs came every day.  Captured human guards from Greystone were fed orc cum and freely gave all the information they knew of their king and the kingdom's weak points.  Oddly, many of the human guards told their new masters that King Ranzen seemed disinterested in the erosion of human territory to the orcs.  They said that he seemed more interested in having sex with them than paying mind to their warnings.

"Either Ranzen is a fool or he's playing a strategy I've yet to discover..." the overlord considered under his breath.  "Does he not see his kingdom crumbling from beneath his feet?  I now control most of Greystone and yet he sits upon his comfortable throne, blind to the inevitable.  No matter.  I will crush him myself.  Nol'rahg!!" he then roared, summoning the mohawk-haired orc before him.

"Yes, my Overlord!" the eager hunter grunted, standing before his beloved ruler.  Krag handed him a rolled piece of parchment written by the boss orc himself and singed with the orcish symbol of Grohmah.

"Go to what little remains of Greystone, hunter.  Go as close as you dare and take aim at their castle.  With your arrow, deliver this message to their pitiful king.  We will help him to wake up and see the reality he has yet to acknowledge.  Now go!"

Excited to be of something so significant, the lesser hunter knelt before his overlord for a brief moment and raced from the room, ready to ride to Greystone Castle and execute his leader's most important command yet.

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