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The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P6 [end]

Part VI: The Destiny of Man

King Alurad Ranzen heard the crash of glass and saw the orcish arrow slide along the floor of his throne room.  The King of Men watched as the threatening object slid to a stop in front of him.  Normally, Ranzen would've called on his guards to take and inspect the object, but they were all gone now.  Only a day ago, he'd sent them out to help the defense of Mansrock, a large trading center a few miles south of the castle.

Ranzen had been made well aware of the overwhelming advances Bra'thor Krag, overlord of the orcs of Grohmah, had made into his kingdom.  He'd been made well aware of the situation, yet he feared nothing.  The king truly believed in the dominance of man and would defeat the entire orc civilization himself if need be.

With a grunt, he knelt down to retrieve the sheet of parchment attached to the arrow.  He unrolled the paper and narrowed his eyes.  It was a message from Krag.

"Ranzen," he read with a scowl on his handsome face, "by now you will find yourself without support.  Your humans are mine.  It is time to finish what our ancestors have begun.  It is time for my orcs to conquer — only the alpha may rule.  Come to the Point of Destiny.  I will be waiting."

The human king let the paper fall from his hand to the floor as he stared off into space.  His heart began to beat faster and his gut felt like it was twisting in knots.  He stood upright and clenched his fists.  Now was the time for him to be his people's champion.  He would emerge victorious over the orc overlord and free his men from their ways once and for all!"

"I have no choice," he growled to himself.  "It's time to end this conflict and bring the orcs to their knees!" Ranzen pushed his throne aside, revealing a secret passageway that led under the castle.  It was there that he would walk to the place that Krag was waiting.  "You're mine, Krag.  You and your greenskins will belong to man."

Overlord Krag stood upon the Point of Destiny, a treacherous, narrow landscape surrounded by lava and encased in ancient, charred rock said to have been carved by the gods themselves for the purpose of battle.  Krag breathed deep the scent of the burning air and grinned.  The hour of man's arrogance would soon come ticking to a stop and the era of orc rule would begin.

Krag rumbled with pride for his orcs.  They'd performed exceptionally well, exceeding even his high expectations.  One human settlement after another fell in unconditional surrender before his warriors, capturing and converting human territory with speed none could have predicted.  And the discovery of the orcs' natural strength over man: their sap of arousal and semen.  Krag thrust his chest out toward the sky, giving a grunt of gratitude to the orc gods for their blessing.

The overlord of the orcs sniffed the air once again.  Another stench now lingered in the atmosphere.  It was man.

"You've come, Ranzen," Krag spoke, his deep, husky voice laced with contempt.  He issued a snort of amusement as he turned to face his greatest adversary.  "I mistook you for a coward.  I imagined you hiding in a corner of your tower, whimpering for help like a babe.  You've no men left, have you?  I have them now.  They're enjoying their new lives, kneeling before my orcs, sucking their—"

"Enough, Krag!" Ranzen roared, cutting short the boss orc's taunting words.  "The reign of tyranny from you and your orcs ends today!  The lands of Greystone and Grohmah rightfully belong to mankind and I will lead my people to our true place atop the orcs!  I offer you one last chance, orc: kneel and submit to the will of the King of Men!"

Krag burst into laugher so loudly, the earth itself seemed to quake under their feet.  "Foolish little human.  My orcs are poised to encroach on your kingdom's very castle as we speak.  They await my orders to invade and finally claim Greystone Castle as mine!  All that's left," he finished, slowly removing his helmet and cape, tossing them aside, "is to crush you beneath my heel and hear you beg to lick my hole."

Ranzen and Krag reached down and removed their loincloths, freeing themselves from the confines of clothing.  A rush of testosterone pumped up the two studs and brought their cocks to life.  Ranzen glanced in awe at Krag's orchood.  Even compared to an ogre's cock, the leader of the orcs was massive.  A true, glorious symbol of virility, he thought...  How kingly it would be to have a manhood such as that...  Ranzen grunted and shook his head quickly, dispelling such musings.  He looked up to see Krag shooting him a knowing grin.  The orc licked his tusks and flexed his fingers, his meaty cock bouncing with his every deep, purposeful breath.

"KRAAAAG!!" Ranzen suddenly roared, leaping into the air, his fists high and ready to slam into the orc's massive chest!  But the overlord of the orcs was ready for him and sent his fist crashing into the human's side.  The force of the impact caused him to howl in pain as he fell to the rocky arena in a clump.

"Weak little softskin.  This is all that is left of man to conquer?!" Krag grunted with pity as he brought his foot down upon the king's back, stomping him three times before Ranzen managed to roll away.  With great effort, the human king rose to his feet and faced his enemy.

Ranzen and Krag locked up in a hand-to-hand grapple, their fingers interlocked and their palms pressing tightly together.  The epitome of orc and of man pushed hard against the other, their legs tensing and their bodies straining with all they had to overpower their foe.  The two beings looked hatefully at one another, their eyes boring into the other's as they pushed with all they had.  Ranzen suddenly broke off the grapple.  Surprising Krag, he lunged at the big orc's torso, toppling him to the ground and straddling his abs.  The King of Men grabbed the overlord's helmet and brought it down repeatedly upon Krag's proud pecs, eliciting grunts and groans of pain from the orc.

Ranzen threw the helmet behind him and stood high over his great rival.  The human jumped as high as his legs would allow and brought his full weight down on Krag with a powerful butt stomp!  The boss orc uttered a guttural grunt and rolled onto his side, clutching his belly and giving Ranzen free reign to kick and drop on his vulnerable body.

The kingly man grabbed Krag's green, meaty leg in his mighty arms.  With a great heave, he twisted it to the side and forced the overlord onto his belly.  Krag beat his clenched fist into the rocky battlefield, roaring his agony at the hands of the world's most powerful human.

Tiring of the hold, Ranzen let Krag's leg go.  The orc's lower half fell to the ground with a thud and a grunt.  The excitement of dominating the greatest orc alive caused King Ranzen's cock to spurt a heavy rope of precum.  He looked at Krag's ass as he took a moment to catch his breath.  The ancient taboo barring sexual relations between orc and man crackled in his mind.  To conquer this orc and mount him as his master proved too great for the lustful human to ignore any longer.

Krag groaned as he felt the heat of Ranzen's body moving about on his backside.  He thought for a moment that the human was setting him up for another hold.  It wasn't until he felt the human king's hands spreading his ass cheeks that it became clear what Ranzen had in mind.  Krag roared furiously and threw his foe off seconds before the human's wet cock could penetrate him.

The orc overlord grabbed a shocked Ranzen by his long, kingly mane and held him up high.  Ranzen watched in horror as the orc's beefy arm extended outward before it came crashing into his throat!  Krag swung his arm one more time, letting the sputtering Ranzen go at the last second and clubbing him across his neck with enough force to knock the wind from the human.

"Think to breed me, do you?" Krag snarled, sending his open hand across the king's face, smacking him down to the ground.  "You will learn your place, pitiful human."

Over the next hour, Krag disciplined Ranzen with every hold and hit he had ever dreamed of using against the arrogant King of Men.  The human never stood a chance against his great enemy.  Every strike and slap caused Ranzen to grunt, every body slam and piledriver forced a moan through his trembling lips.  Ranzen stood on unstable legs, wobbling about as he tried in vain to land even a meager punch to the titanic orc.  But it was no use.

Krag's massive arms wrapped around Ranzen's aching back, hugging him close.  "Agh...!  Aggh...!  Haaaghhh!!" he cried with the orc's every squeeze, keeping him weary and vulnerable.

"Ranzen..." Overlord Krag rumbled lowly as he stared into the man's tired, half-lidded eyes.  "The orcs will sing of this moment for centuries to come...  The moment that the human race was finally broken, crushed, and subjugated before the orcs.  They will sing of my glory and your downfall."

The most powerful being in the world lifted King Alurad Ranzen high over his head and stepped close to the searing-hot pool of lava.  Krag's hands held Ranzen's neck and ass tightly, keeping him steady and protected.

"SUBMIT TO ME, KING OF MEN!!" Krag bellowed, his ultimatum loud enough to be heard for miles.  "SURRENDER TO ORC RULE OR I WILL THROW YOU TO THE INFERNO!!"

Terrified of the alpha warrior's threat, Ranzen realized that he'd lost the most important fight of his life.  His men servants of the orcs, there seemed little point in resisting any longer.  Even if he were to somehow miraculously defeat Krag, there'd be none left to rule over.  For the first time in a very long time, it was time to finally face reality.  He'd lost.

"N-NO!!  I... I... ... ... I SUBMIT!!  I SURRENDER TO YOU, KRAG!!  I SURRENDER TO GROHMAH!!" Ranzen cried like a lion in defeat, going limp in his master's grasp and offering no more resistance.  His arms and legs fell to his sides and he lay still in Krag's hands, high above the green titan.

"Gruuuuhhh," Krag grumbled, pleased with his slave's answer.  He turned away from the boiling lava and dropped Ranzen's body in the middle of the battlefield.  Ranzen landed with a sigh of relief.  It was over... it was all finally over.

The boss orc planted his foot atop the dethroned king and thrust his chest toward the sky.  Krag uttered a long, deep roar of victory.  He'd done what no other overlord before him could: Bra'thor Krag had conquered mankind and brought them to their knees in submission.  The salty sweat of a hard-earned victory poured from the stud as he breathed deep and grunted with orcish pride.

Ranzen breathed slowly, staring at the blood red sky as beads of sweat fell like tears from his peaceful face.  His kingdom had been crushed to rubble and the throne from which kings before him had ruled was now impotent.  His eyes drifted to Krag, who had knelt down beside him.  He could see his beautiful, white loincloth in Krag's fist, the fabric easily crushed in his strong grip.  Ranzen offered no resistance as the orc's meaty hands slowly removed his boots, arm bands, necklace, and, finally, the royal crown of man from his head.

The orc overlord snorted as he took these symbols of the human king to the edge of the battlefield.  He held the clothing from his greatest slave high into the air, giving them to the orc gods as an offering of thanks.  With a deep grunt, the green stud threw Ranzen's loincloth, boots, arm bands, necklace, and the crown into the lava, instantly incinerating them.  The ancient Crown of Greystone, once worn by every king of the human race, melted into liquid silver and dispersed into the lava, destroyed forever.

"The Kingdom of Men is no more.  Only Grohmah remains in its place," Krag grunted in his smoky, husky voice, turning to his fully-nude slave.  "Are you ready to serve your new master, human?" he asked through a wide grin, licking his tusks in anticipation.  The victorious orc knelt down by his prized human and ran his hand up and down the dethroned king's exhausted torso.

"...Yes... M-Master..." Ranzen shuddered with this strange new feeling of submission.  His head lolled back and a deep sigh escaped his lips as the orc took his manhood in his rugged hand, pumping it up and down.  "Ah... aah... ahn!" he cried lewdly, spreading his legs apart.

"Heh heh heh heh...  Does the touch of your master excite you already, little human?" Krag cooed with amusement, his expert hand coaxing a gushing flow of precum from the writhing man.  Krag placed his leaking orchood to the human's lips and commanded, "Drink deep, defeated king... drink your fill..."

Desperate for anything to parch his thirst, the human placed his mouth to that gargantuan orchood.  Though he would never be able to take it in his mouth, he fit what he could between his lips and began to drink the sweet precum that his powerful master graciously provided.

A change quickly overcame the former King of Men.  He pulled off of his master's cock and looked up at the smirking orc.  Yord was right all along...

"Drink, my slave..." Krag grunted dominantly, and drink Ranzen did.  A low rumble of pleasure sounded from Krag's powerful chest as he felt the softskin's lips suckling his orchood, swallowing his every drop of precum.  He lowered his big hand to the human's long, chestnut brown hair, stroking it lovingly for his obedience.

Ranzen's cock throbbed and ached for release.  Normally, he would have long since brought his own hand to his manhood to gain relief... but now, he felt a deep desire to gain the orc overlord's permission first.  It felt right to surrender himself fully to this incredible being.  It felt right to obey Krag's every command.

"Enough," Krag grunted, pushing Ranzen off.

"More... please... please, Master?" Ranzen moaned, looking pleadingly up at the boss orc.

Krag chuckled and brought his arms up in a double bicep pose.  "You want more, human?" he said, turning and squatting over the fallen king.  "...Then lick my hole."

Ranzen eagerly buried his face between his master's sweat-soaked backside and searched out Krag's virgin hole with his tongue.  Krag groaned with pleasure as the defeated King of Men lapped lovingly at his hole.  He could feel the softskin's hot breath and gentle tongue worshiping his untouched entrance with unrestrained reverence.  Krag's chest rumbled and he closed his eyes, savoring every second of the moment.

Krag soon turned around and stood before his slave, striking a most muscular pose for the fallen king to look upon with awe.  "Turn and present yourself to me, human," he then commanded.  "It's time...  Now I will breed you and make you mine... forever."

The fallen human champion turned away from his master and raised his backside in absolute obedience.  His legs trembled in anticipation for what was to come.  Alurad Ranzen had never been mounted by another before and felt a deep sense of happiness that it would be Bra'thor Krag himself who would claim his first time.

Overlord Krag mounted the fallen king and placed the dripping tip of his mammoth orchood to the human's quivering hole.  The proud orc raised his arms up in a double bicep pose as he slowly sank himself into the tight heat of his slave.

Ranzen uttered a long howl as his ring was spread wide apart and his final defenses were overcome.  Inch after inch of that incredible cock entered his body slowly but surely, Krag's sap of arousal helping to ease the human's pain and relax him.

"Gruuuuuhhhhhh... excellent..." Krag grunted deeply.  Ranzen's inner muscles squeezed tightly to his shaft, pleasuring him with every gentle push inside the conquered king.  He thrust his chest out to the orc gods and bounced his massive pecs twice just as he hilted himself inside the man's ass.

Ranzen breathed slowly and shuddered with pleasures he never knew existed.  He could feel Krag's titanic cock throb and pulsate inside his tunnels, the rough skin of the orc brushing against his prostate and causing his balls to pump a constant flow of precum to water the dry, dark ground.

"Gruuhh..." Krag rumbled in contentment, eager to merely stay where he was, basking in the glory of triumph, soaking in the new sensations of sex with the human race.  Like Ranzen's first time being mounted, it was the orc overlord's first time with man.  Even after his tactical approval of his troops' use of sex against the humans, he himself had yet to partake in such a thing.  Even when the capital city of the orcs began its mass influx of human servants, Krag limited himself to only watching his orcs enjoy themselves.  The powerful overlord wanted his first experience with man to be with the greatest of them all — he wanted Ranzen.

Krag moved his meaty hands down to his royal slave's waist, getting a firm grip of the sweat-laced softskin.  He held Ranzen still as he pulled his hips back, his cock slowly sliding out of the gasping human's hole.  The orc kept only the bulbous head of his heavy cock embedded before delving back in again, faster that time.  Krag pulled himself back out and drove in again with increasing speed and strength.  Within minutes, the orc was fucking his human at a steady pace.

Ranzen rested his head and arms upon the ground as the boss orc took full control over his breeding.  The exhausted human was thankful that his master had the strength to support them both.  He uttered a hot sigh and gave himself completely over to Krag, offering only the occasional yelp and grunt as that battering ram of a cock plowed his backside.

Time seemed to stop as the prime specimens of both orc and man mated under the red sky.  Krag never slowed his thrusting, never seemed to falter as he bred every inch of his orchood inside his once-fearsome rival.  Even as he transitioned Ranzen to facing him, wrapped in the protection of his unbreakable arms, Krag never stopped moving his cock.  He leaned down and pressed his tusked mouth to the human's soft lips, their wet tongues sliding together as they kissed in the heat of the fuck.

Of the untold hours that the two races became one, Krag enjoyed sex with the fallen king in every position he could think of.  The gasps and grunts that escaped Ranzen's mouth were like a song that paid tribute to his glory.  He dragged his tongue across the softskin's sweaty shoulders and back, gathering his slave's taste as yet another memory of this moment.

And finally, he came.

With Ranzen on his hands and knees, ass up and full of cock, Overlord Krag came inside the human.  He thrust his chest to the sky and uttered a great roar of ultimate victory, beating his pecs with his clenched fists as his cock bounced and shot thick, heavy ropes of hot orc seed into the human's hole.

Ranzen, receiving silent permission from his master, came with him, emptying his cum onto the ground below them.  The former king cried out in ecstasy as he was allowed to release his pent-up seed, the royal semen soaking into the hot, dry ground and disappearing in and instant.

Krag's heavy balls continued to pump their contents into the human's insides, flooding every inch it could reach and spilling out from around Ranzen's well-fucked ring.  So potent was Krag's cum, the second it entered Ranzen's bloodstream, he'd become addicted to his master instantly and permanently.  His senses heightened by the intake of his master's cum, the dethroned King of Men groaned as another orgasm hit him, his smaller human cock spurting what little cum he had left to give up upon the ground.

The boss orc heaved a heavy sigh of accomplishment.  His campaign had ended in success.  Keeping his cock buried deep inside him, Krag turned Ranzen toward him and held him close.

"Do you now see, human?  Do you understand why we orcs are dominant?  Do you realize the foolishness of your ways?  It could have only ended with my victory."

"Yes, Master...  You orcs are... incredible creatures...  Truly incredible," Ranzen huffed honestly, laying his head upon Krag's broad, beefy shoulder.  He could feel raw power emanate from the orc overlord's body.  It frightened and calmed him all at the same time.  "I... we are honored to serve you."

"Good, my slave...  Good..."

"I... I love you, Master," Ranzen moaned, his face buried deep in Krag's sweaty neck, breathing in the orc's sweet, somewhat earthy scent.  He bathed that neck with affectionate kisses and licks, nosing at the area as he did so.  Ranzen had never felt such feelings for anyone, let alone someone not of the human race.  The only one to ever thoroughly conquer him physically had also managed to enthrall his heart.

Krag rumbled with pride.  He stroked his slave's meaty back slowly, lovingly and responded, "I have grown to respect you, defeated king.  It fills my chest with pleasure to see that you finally accept your true place in the world with dignity.  It is written at the end of the book of Teth'krul that man would someday fall to his knees before orc and, so long as it remained so, the two sides would be at peace.  I will rule this world as its overlord and my men will obey me just as my orcs do."

The orc let Ranzen down onto his back and he pulled his cock from the human's well-pounded hole.  Krag's semen came flowing from his backside and onto the ground.  The overlord stored his loincloth in the cap of his helmet and placed it upon his head with a grunt.  He retrieved his cape from the ground and swung it around his back, affixing it over his shoulders where it belonged.

"Come, little human," Krag then spoke, grabbing Ranzen and pulling him up and into his arms, cradling him as he walked away from the lava-filled battlefield.  "They await my signal."

On the hill overlooking Greystone Castle...

Dozens of massive orcs with war hammers stood before the closed drawbridge of the last stronghold of man, weapons at the ready.  They stood by while their overlord took good care of King Ranzen.   While they waited, they were tasked to raid the abandoned neighboring town of Brunnr.  They collected its food, jewels, materials, and beasts and burned the town to ashes, like Hurkshelm before it.

The orcs were becoming restless.  Yet, they stilled their hammers and waited for their leader's triumphant return.  Suddenly, in the distance before the burning sunset, they heard his voice call them!  They turned toward the hill where their leader stood with the King of Men, on his knees, his regal locks held firmly by Krag's meaty hand!  The orcs raised their hammers high and roared with their leader!  He'd done it!  He'd conquered Ranzen!

"At last, my brothers," Overlord Krag grunted to himself, staring at his army as they stood before the last remaining symbol of human civilization.  "At long last we are triumphant over our ancient enemy!"  The most powerful orc in existence breathed deep, smelling the scent of a new era in the air.  Soon, this area would be transformed into land suitable for his orcs to live and hunt and thrive.  With the Kingdom of Men no more, none were left to oppose the orcs' control over the human lands of the north.

"ORCS OF GROHMAH!!" he then roared at the top of his lungs.  "OUR TIME IS NOW!!  INVADE, MY BROTHERS!!  INVADE AND FULFILL OUR DESTINY!!"

With one final roar for their beloved leader, the orcs turned and took their hammers to the wooden drawbridge, making short work of the boards and sending them to the ground.  The small army of greenskins flowed inside the castle walls and began destroying everything of no use to them.  The orcs moved into the treasury and grabbed all of the gold and gems in Ranzen's overstuffed coffers.

Alurad Ranzen watched as the towers and walls of Greystone Castle fell to ruins before his eyes.  All that man had worked for since their emergence in the world came crumbling down in mere seconds.  The orcs' mighty hammers soon crushed the human stronghold into rubble and dust, blown away by the winds of change.

From all around him, the army of orcs carried away the spoils of war in carts and chests, singing songs of victory and uttering grunts of praise for their overlord.  It had taken years of meticulous planning and some good fortune in the discovery of man's natural weakness to the orcs, but Bra'thor Krag had finally succeeded.  He had won.  The last battle of orc and man was at last complete.

In the years that followed, Overlord Krag came to be known among the various races as the Great Subjugator, the orc who overthrew the obstacle known as humanity and allowed his kind to ascend and dominate the entire world!

With the defeat of mankind, the orcs became the undisputed dominant race.  With their new slaves' help, Krag's ability to claim new land grew tenfold.  None would ever again challenge the orcs' supreme dominance.  All would fall to their knees before the Great Subjugator and his conquerors.

And thus began the era of orc rule...

The End

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  1. Have to say, this was a very hot read. It got me hard all throughout. <3

    1. Thanks, man. :D Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    2. Absolutely. One of these days, I wonder if you might do a romantic orc/human story told through your fabulous renders. :D

  2. Glorious, simply amazing and what an ending!

    1. Thanks, you guys, for your comments and kind words. :) They always make me happy to read.

  3. Fantastic story! Loved every moment of it! It would be really cool if now shows up Orcs dominating other races like Elves, Dwarves, Minotaurs, Dragonborns, Centaurs, Minocentaurs ("Centaurs Minotaurs" with the upper torso of the body of Minotaurs and the lower half of the bulls instead of horses) Wemics ("Centaurs Lions" ) Nagahs in new sexual battles between big guys, super muscular.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

      My world of orcs and men isn't over yet, but I will be taking a break from them for now. In the future, I'll definitely explore more into it, particularly with the race of dwarves who are allied with the men.