Sunday, December 19, 2021

Wrestle and Recover

Wrestle and Recover takes place shortly after the events of On the Streets: Part 2, with Officer Ken rescued by his partner on patrol, Ronnie.  After getting Ken's forced-mohawk shaved off and slipping into some MCPD regulation thongs, the two of them head to Ronnie's co-owned gym, Muscle City Fitness.  It's there that they find Nathan and Deshaun, two marines who frequent the popular gym.

The four men decide to have a tag team match in the gym after hours.  With high stakes agreed upon and pride on the line, only one team can claim total victory over the other!

Monday, October 25, 2021

The New Hero in Town

Hey, everyone!  It's been a while since my last post; my apologies for that.  I'd been away from home for nearly all of August for health-related reasons, but fortunately everything looks good so far.

This story is called the New Hero in Town.  It features a new original superhero of mine who flies into Metropolis one day, eager to become its sole hero.

When he performs an act of heroism before Metropolis' own Superman, however, tempers flare between the two and they engage in a battle to decide who among them is fit to protect the big city!

I struggled a bit with figuring out how this one would end.  I ended up going back and forth until deciding to do what I had wanted to originally, something that would've been a more exciting ending.  I hope that it's something you guys will enjoy!

Superman and Jimmy Olsen (C) DC Comics; used in a parodical manner


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tuskar the Barbarian: Part 3

This story continues the barbarian's adventures, with this one focusing on his fellow Thordarian, Talro, and the young warrior's quest to find out what became of his friend, Tuskar.

However, along the way, the shaman Wekesa summons forth a powerful demigod from another world to put a stop to Talro once and for all!

(And thanks again to my pal, WideBros, for helping brainstorm some more of the lore for this world!)

Monday, June 7, 2021

New PDF For Sale: Olympus vs Asgard: Part 2


Hey again, everyone!  It's been a bit of time, but I decided to adapt Olympus vs Asgard: Part 2 to PDF.  This version comes with an alternate ending, new panels for the PDF, and all original panels remastered.

This massive story stars Ares facing off against Thor in a loser-climaxes-first fight, like Part 1's high stakes wrestling match!

Pick yourself up a copy at one of the links below.  Thank you for your support!

Buy a copy at Gumroad.

Buy a copy at Lulu.

Check out some preview pics over at my Comics blog!

Don't have Part 1 yet?  Consider getting yourself Parts 1 and 2 in one bundle pack, with a reduced price and with slight updates to Part 1 (primarily selectable text and reworked text page backgrounds.)

Thanks again for your support, guys!  I hope you enjoy!

Red vs Red 2

Red vs Red 2 is one of my newer boxing stories (created with my patrons' poll results -- my great thanks to them again!) that's really more a continuation of Superslam Wrestlers, though it follows the same Soviet vs Soviet matchup of the previous Red vs Red story.

After Gorilla defeated Zangief in the wrestling ring and the two had left for the showers, Alexi Volkov rounded out one last encore match of the night with Mr. Dreamboat.  Soon after pinning the suave, masked wrestler and securing his victory, Alexi headed to the showers, only to discover Zangief, a wrestler he admired and respected, on his knees and servicing Gorilla yet again!

Emotions flare, pecs flex, and a challenge is hastily issued!  Alexi and Zangief would meet to settle their heated argument with a sex stakes match during Saturday Night Boxing!


Saturday, April 10, 2021

New PDF for Sale: Wrangled and Roped

Hey there, guys!  How've you all been doing?

It's been quite a while since my last PDF.  I began work on this one back in December of 2020, but due to a lot of complications in my personal life, I'd had to push this project back month after month.  But it's done and it's finally here!

This is Wrangled and Roped, a boxing story that was originally posted at my Patreon in September 2020, which stars my wrestler OC Ryan and Brock (of Jungle Justice) donning the boxing gloves and stepping in the ring.

This version of the story is greatly enhanced, adding in a new prologue, epilogue, new and remastered panels, and a new alternate ending.

You can check out some preview pics at my Comics Blog site, or grab a copy at one of my storefronts below!  Thanks massively for your support, everyone!  I really appreciate it!

Gumroad -

Lulu -

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Studs of the Wild West

This story is a sequel to New Sheriff Wanted and Studs of the Wild West continues the story shortly after the events of that mini set.

This is one I wanted to add a lot more to, but simply didn't have the time.  In a future PDF there will be quite a bit more added to it.  But in the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy Bloody Tex and the new sheriff, Kain Smith!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Superslam Wrestlers

This is Superslam Wrestlers, a sequel to both Superslam Warriors and Worlds Collide: Gorilla vs Tuskar.  After his dream (???) involving the blond barbarian and the mysterious giant god, Steg, Gorilla began to question his abilities in the ring.  Fear of losing his belt caused him to go to his boss, the owner of Muscle City Wrestling, and demand that he issue a challenge to anyone in the world to face him in the ring and prove that he was still the best!

A certain Soviet street fighter, fresh from his victory earlier that day, read the challenge and decided to answer the call!