Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tuskar the Barbarian: Part 3

This story continues the barbarian's adventures, with this one focusing on his fellow Thordarian, Talro, and the young warrior's quest to find out what became of his friend, Tuskar.

However, along the way, the shaman Wekesa summons forth a powerful demigod from another world to put a stop to Talro once and for all!

(And thanks again to my pal, WideBros, for helping brainstorm some more of the lore for this world!)

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  1. Thanks! This was the last entry I made, but I'm likely going to reboot the series (again!) sometime this year. I appreciate your interest!

  2. Thank you, I appreciate it! Whether win or lose, Hercules is always great to have in a battle.

  3. Lucky Stallion, this is your most arousing work yet, I think. Seeing Hercules, Talro and Tuskar in the same story REALLY GOT ME AROUSED! Thank you!

  4. I would very much like it if by chance in the adventures of Tuskar The Barbarian Gods worshiped by the people of Tuskar appear like a Barbarian God King of all other Barbarian Gods , a Barbarian God of Storm , a Barbarian God of Sun , a Barbarian God of Night , a Barbarian God of War, a Barbarian God of Strength and Courage , a Barbarian God of Justice , a Barbarian God of Death and the Underworld , a Barbarian God of Nature among others all immensely manly and viriles with immensely muscular bodies broadshouldered and handsomes to put to the test Tuskar and other Barbarians from your universe of adventures in ardent stories of passion , manliness , virility , muscle power and male power in battles that do the skies tremble ! It would also be really cool to be able to see the Gods of the Pantheon from Barbarian Gods of the people of Tuskar facing in fiery muscle battles other gods like for example the Gods of Olympus, the Gods of Asgard, the Gods of the Pantheon of Gods Orcs in exciting and full of sex , male power , manliness , virility , muscle fights between gods and mortals . It's just a crazy idea of ​​mine but I'm sure a lot of fans of your muscle stories would like Barbaric Brawn ! Anyway congratulations for the wonderful story ! May many others come !