Sunday, July 26, 2015

Patreon July and Early August

Hey there, everyone!  I started my Patreon a week ago today and it's been going pretty smoothly, I'm happy to say.  Great thanks to my patrons and for those who took the time to check it out.

The current rewards listed there (from all tiers included) are:

Ares in Athens 01 and 02
The New Champion v1 and v2
Vengeance Denied 01 - 15
The Twins of Tibor 01 - 04
Ankaro and Grekiel

All the art posted there are much higher resolution than the versions coming here later on and at way lower compression, improving image quality immensely.

The Twins of Tibor (first panel of four)

Coming in August for the Bodybuilder Wrestling Champion League tier is a pro wrestling image story set in outer space starring two new original characters, Ankaro and Grekiel!  This match will be a loser-cums-first style fight with sex stakes.

This one (as well as several other ideas) is in development now!  Thanks very much again for your interest and support!

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