Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 19 and Bonus [End]

Keln rested his head against Thud's hot chest and enjoyed the relaxation.  Although the fight didn't go his way, he still felt satisfied in the end.  Thud's thick, goopy ogre cum remained mostly inside him, despite his legs being spread wide and his hole exposed to the air.

The ogre held his conquest close and took big sniffs of the satyr's hair.  It smelled like straw.  He grumbled contentedly and said, "Me stay 'til rutting season over.  Thud and goat man fuck 'til next full moon."

Keln could feel Thud's fat cock grow hard once again.  It pressed against his soft satyrhood and leaked generously over his shaft.

"Me ready to go again!"

Keln's eyes snapped open and he grunted with surprise, "...What?!"

The End

Keln stood still as he watched the ogre move around him, his face dangerously close to his own.  Thud then lifted a clawed finger his way and pointed to his left horn.

"Me think your horns too big!" the brute grunted bluntly.

Keln grumbled and ran his fingers across his spiral horn.  Sure, they were big, but not that big...

"No way!" he snapped back.  "You're ogre exaggerating!"

The two burst into a fit of laughter over the satyr's pun -- his corny, stupid, why-did-Lucky-Stallion-make-him-say-that pun.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick battle between Keln and Thud!  I'll be taking a break for a while.  Keep a look out for my next posting!


  1. I love that first panel. Exactly where I want to be, in his big strong arms. <3