Friday, November 21, 2014

Shrine of Zeus WIP

Happy Friday, all!  I've been getting a bit of work done on the remake of Hercules vs Sergios and have a work-in-progress of Zeus' shrine to share with you guys.

The original version (seen here) is quite a bit different than the new version I've nearly finished recreating.  Since he's the king of the gods, I wanted something much, much more grand for Zeus.  There are a few similarities to the original, with a water fountain, the ground, the pottery, the statue of Zeus, and the glass behind it.

I'll have more to tease in the coming weeks.


  1. I love that the Zeus statue now stands proudly erect!

    1. Yeah, I thought it would look better with an erection. :D

  2. A true shrine of virility where worshippers can go ;-)