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Halloween Night Monster Fight (2014; Widescreen)

Halloween Night Monster Fight
Widescreen version adapted from Muscle Monsters

"It's Halloween night and while there may be a chill in the air outside, the atmosphere in here is sizzlin' HOT, HOT, HOT!  Welcome, muscle lovers here and out watchin' us at home... welcome to the Thunderstud Arena!!" Big Ben Halstrom yelled enthusiastically into the mic that sat upon his table in the center square of the arena mere steps away from the professional wrestling ring.

"No tricks here, Ben, that's for sure.  It's an exciting night and I can't wait to see these two studs tear each other to shreds!" Jason 'The Jackhammer' Jackson agreed with the colleague seated by his side.  The two men were former pro-wrestlers-turned-pro-bodybuilders and had agreed to lend their celebrity and commentate on tonight's Main Event.

"It sure is, Jase," Ben beamed, slapping the table and pumping up the crowd around them.  Every now and then, the two would rise and pose for the fans, their bodies clothed only in tight, skimpy thong straps.  "Been waitin' on this one for weeks!  You know how long these federations like teasin' us and makin' us wait."

"Yeah, I can tell you're practically bursting at the seams down there," Jason said with a joking smirk.

Before Ben could reach over and give his fellow bodybuilder a punch on the arm, a familiar theme song began blasting on the speakers surrounding the arena.

"OOH!  Here he comes!!" Ben roared as one of the headliners emerged from behind the blue curtain.

The first stud emerged into the bright lights, the matching blue carpet under his boots crunching as he strode confidently down the aisle.  Flares of reds, whites, and blues fired from behind his sauntering, beefy form.  He wore a rugged, brown cowboy hat atop his blond, curled locks.  The wrestler sported matching white wristbands and boots, and covering his ample manhood was a tight, bulging thong printed with the flag of Texas.

As he jumped up onto the outer edge of the wrestling ring, the blond stud's meaty ass bounced, the men in the stands roaring their approval!  He pointed a finger at them and winked, giving a broad smile as he blew away the invisible smoke from his fingertip.

"There's one act that never gets old," Jason sighed, feeling a stir in his pouch as he watched the first wrestler climb in between the ropes and stand in his corner.

"Unlike yours.  Sank like a bloody lead boulder, it did.  Who would'a guessed the lovely fans out there wouldn't appreciate Jungle Jason jumpin' around, actin' like a wild baboon," Ben chuckled.  He gave a gentle, brotherly slap to his fellow commentator's back.

"Urrgh, don't remind me..."

The referee of tonight's Main Event stood in the center of the ring, microphone close to his lips as he announced, "From the blazing heat of New Rodeo, TX; bringing 100% prime beef wherever he wanders... TEX TITAN!!"

Tex Titan climbed up to the middle rope of his corner and raised his fist high in the air, his other removing his hat and holding it close to his chest.  The rugged, cowboy wrestler stood here as his theme song neared the end and faded out.  He hopped back down with a grunt and tossed his hat down, where one of the arena workers took it back to the stud's dressing room.

"It looks like Titan is ready to wrassle and settle their differences once 'n for all!" Ben remarked.

"Yeah, he's a powerhouse — and his win record will back that up! — but will his steak finally be grilled—?" Jason began, but was interrupted by the opposing wrestler's familiar, hard rock theme song!  "He's here!  I think I see Tex shaking in his shiny, white boots!"

Titan's opponent for that evening's Main Event stepped confidently out of the opposite red curtain and into the flares of reds and purples.  His skin was painted totally silver and his flattop head of hair was as black as night.  The wrestler's stern eyes wandered the arena, watching his adoring fans jump up from their seats and raise their fists high in his honor.   The man in the purple thong and black harness flashed a smirk and began his strut down the aisle and toward the ring.

Tex Titan snarled as he watched his opponent for that night approach slowly, confidently.  It was ever since their wet, soapy brawl in the lockerroom showers (all started by an ass grab gone wrong) that the two dominant studs were constantly at each other's throats.  Not wanting to squander such a golden opportunity, their managers arranged tonight's Main Event fight to help their wrestlers release some steam — not to mention make a killing in the pay-per-view market.

As the stud in the red corner jumped up and climbed into the ring, the referee shouted into his mic, "From the darkest shadows of your nightmares, the Ashen King of the Decrepit Crypts... NIGHTSHADE!!"

Nightshade dropped to his knees and brought his arms down low.  As his thunderous theme song hit its finale, the stud raised his biceps up, arching his back and displaying his powerful upper body to the roaring fans all across the arena.

"Tonight's match is a one fall," the ref announced, beckoning the wrestlers to the middle of the ring.  "There will be no ring outs and standard Thunderstud Arena disqualification rules are in effect.  The match will begin at the sound of the bell," he finished, stepping back and giving his mic to an arena attendant.

"Thought you'd grab my ass in the showers, eh, boy?" Tex Titan growled at Nightshade, their massive chests pressed together as they stood waiting for the bell to start.

"Already told you... thought you were offering it up to me for free..." the ashen wrestler grunted back, maintaining constant eye contact.  "But... I think I'd like taking your ass just the same..." he smiled smugly, infuriating the cowboy wrestler.

"Ya dirty scoundrel!  I'm gonna lasso ya good and brand yer ass!  I'm gonna—!!"


In the blink of an eye, the two studs locked up in a grapple!  Their legs were quick to tense, and their boots dug and scraped against the rugged material that made up the wrestling ring's mat.

"There they go!" Jason commentated enthusiastically, watching the two massively-muscular bulls collide in the ring.  "It seems like both men are evenly matched... neither willing to give an inch to his opponent."

Suddenly, Nightshade slipped out of the grapple and moved behind his opponent, grabbing Titan in his powerful arms and delivering the stud straight to the mat with a German suplex!  Tex Titan grunted and moaned as he lay on the mat.  He reached back and rubbed his shoulder as the ashen muscleman raised his fist for the roaring crowd.

"Old age must be gettin' to the Titan," Big Ben Halstrom commented.  "He's not done already, is he?"

Nightshade drove his booted foot down on the cowboy's side three times before he finally rolled away and got up again.  Shaking the cobwebs in his head free, Titan sent his fist flying into Nightshade's vulnerable gut!  The blow connected and caused the gloating stud to groan and back off.

"Those two are really wary of each other," Jason remarked as the two wrestlers circled each other in the ring.  "At this point in the match, any slight mistake can cost a man the match—"

"—and his arse, as I'm sure you're well aware of, Jase," Ben teased with a broad grin to his fellow bodybuilder.

"Shut the fu—ah!" the blond ex-wrestler gasped, his attention turned back to the ring.  "Nightshade's run to bounce off the ropes!  He's going in for a lariat... no, it missed!  Wait, he's trying for another... it missed again!"

"He's givin' it one more go!" Ben added.  The crowd around them burst into cheers and roars!  "...The somber stud rolled around his foe and delivered a right bloody kick to the shin!!  That's gotta hurt!"

Tex Titan uttered a leonine roar as he fell to the mat, clutching his shin and seething with the pains that shot up his meaty body.  Nightshade was on him quickly.  He grabbed a firm hold on Titan's arms and pulled him back, his knee planted firmly in the small of the tanned wrestler's back.

"Agh—!!" the Texan grunted and growled, thrashing with all he had to escape the hold.

"Why don't you give up and let me fuck your ass?" Nightshade smirked, giving Titan a slow, erotic lick along his reddening ear.  "You have such a beefy butt... it'd be a waste to not let me enjoy it just a bit..."

"No... no don't... not that...!" Titan huffed in fright as he felt the silver stud's mouth trail along his neck and over to his meaty, bulging trapezius muscle.  Nightshade's lips felt like a mixture of fire and ice on his pumped, meaty, All-American muscle.

"Is he going for it...?  He... he is!!" Jason exclaimed.  "Nightshade's going for his signature move: the trap drain!!"

"They say the ashen wrestler can suck the strength straight from his victims' writhin', groanin' bodies!" Ben added, slapping the table and grinning ear to ear.  "Leaves 'em a bloody mess, it does."

Tex Titan's cock began pressing against his already-bursting thong as it struggled to break free from its confines and show itself to the world.  Titan groaned hotly as Nightshade sucked and mouthed at his trap, like a vampire might drain the blood from his victim.  His resistance to the attack lessened, and he began to cry out in lustful heat.

"Blimey!  I think it's about all over here tonight, wrasslin' fans," Ben commentated.  "Shouldn't be long now ‘til that golden steer is roped and put out to pasture!"

"I dunno, Ben," Jason spoke, "I've seen lesser men break out of this one before!"

"Just look at him, mate!  His cock's ready to bust right clear through his pants and flood the floor with his cream."

Suddenly, a light quake seized the arena, causing Nightshade to halt his signature move.  Titan took advantage of the confusion and elbowed his opponent away.  The blond wrestler scurried toward the nearest corner and grunted, rubbing the hickey that surely would form on his meaty, bulging trap.

Before the two could continue, however, there was a loud sound from above!

Sounds of screeching, like sheets of metal being forcibly removed from their framework, echoed around the arena.  A demon with ruby red skin then fell from the ceiling, landing gracefully on a neutral corner of the ring.  The hulking demon bellowed, silencing the entire entire arena and stunning the wrestlers into stopping.

"...Wh... What...?" Jason gulped at the sight.

"...Ah... Uh..." Ben stammered in agreement.

The demon's long nails were as pitch black as his head of hair.  His red eyes looked across the sea of men and he licked his lips with his forked tongue.  His fat, heavy cock jutted out from his groin, excited and erect by the mass of masculine energy that had lured him to the area.  These men in this curious semi-enclosed square, dressed in garments that barely hid their manliness caused him to shoot a healthy load of precum.

The referee, brave as he was, attempted to approach the hulking red monster and force him off of the ring so that the wrestlers could continue their match.  The demon's wide nostrils flared with his snort of surprise.  In one quick motion, he flew from the top of the post and delivered a flying kick to the ref's muscular torso, sending him tumbling out of the ring and unconscious!

The hulking demon glanced at the two wrestlers on the mat and uttered a deep belly laugh.


The powerful demon thrust his chest out and spread his arms wide.  "AWAKEN, RAGING RHINO... AWAKEN, MEGA MARAUDER!!"

Tex Titan and Nightshade opened their mouths to scream, but no sounds would come out as they were forced to their feet, backs arched, as an otherworldly sensation seized their entire beings.  The massively-muscular wrestlers began grunting and groaning as they were transformed by the red demon.

What little clothing the two humans wore stretched with their bodies until the fabric could take no more and burst from their frames.  Their boots tore from their legs as their feet grew several times their normal size.  The hair upon their heads shed from their scalps as they mutated and became hulking behemoths, completely unrecognizable from their former selves.

Raging Rhino and Mega Marauder stood before the demon, stupefied and dumbfounded by their new selves.

"What... what do...?" Rhino grunted huskily, idly flexing his powerful muscles.

"Uguuhhh... smash...?" Marauder grumbled, squeezing his hands into tight fists.

"WRESTLE... DESTROY... CRUSH EACH OTHER TO RUBBLE... CRUSH!!" were the last words the demon uttered before he vanished in a flash, leaving his creations behind.

Rhino and Marauder instantly turned to one other and growled lowly, threateningly.  Without hesitation, the monsters clashed, muscle against muscle, inhuman snarls escaping their scowling mouths.

"What... what's happening?" Jason gasped, in awe at the ferocity of the two in the ring.

"Dunno, mate..." Ben whispered breathlessly to himself, his eyes transfixed on the fight.

"CRUSH... UHHRRRH!!" Rhino roared at his opponent, grappling the massive mossy green behemoth.  The cocks of the two males jutted out like swords clashing against each other as they struggled against their foe's might.

"GUUH... URRUUHHH!!" Marauder grunted gutturally, sending his massive fist into the rhino man's face, stunning him momentarily.  Twice more, the green giant slammed his grey opponent with body blows.  He then moved in for a grab!

Marauder held Rhino in his meaty arms, taking the disoriented monster into his arms.  Rhino's massive cock pushed up against Marauder's body, resting snugly between his pecs and poking out from between their bodies.  The yellow-eyed brute squeezed the rhino morph close several times, each time grunting loudly!  The Marauder leapt as high as his legs would allow him and brought himself and his enemy down, opening his arms wide and crushing Rhino before they hit the mat!

Jason and Big Ben watched in silence, both men terrified to utter a single word for fear the monsters in the ring would turn on them or the audience instead.

Rhino grabbed Marauder's boulder-like pecs in his hands and squeezed the massive green monster's chest for all he was worth!  Marauder howled lowly and dully as he was brought to his knees in the claw hold.  His clumsy attempts to swat Rhino's hands away proved nothing but futile.

The horned monster guided his roaring foe to the nearest corner and slammed him down against its padding.  Rhino turned and grabbed hold of the top ropes, hiking his ass out toward Marauder!  The crowd shouted their approval as the beastly man slammed his ample, rock-hard glutes back again and again, flattening the lumbering green monster against the turnbuckles!

Rhino grabbed Marauder's ankle and dragged his disoriented opponent to the middle of the ring.  The rugged, grey-skinned male climbed slowly to the top of the ropes, his incredible cock swaying with his every lumbering step up.  He raised his fists high, uttering a deep, masculine roar before jumping and bringing his entire weight down on Marauder!

"UUOOOOWAAAA!!" the hulking green stud grunted, the ring rocking violently under him, yet somehow staying together.  He felt Rhino slide off of him, yet he remained still and refused to get up again.  The fight had been knocked from him and he was done.

DING DING DING DING DING DING DING!!  the bell clanged by itself, startling the already-frightened arena worker.

Raging Rhino brought his giant foot down upon his fallen foe's big belly and raised his fists high once again, soaking in the glory of his victory!  A long, loud roar sounded from his wide-open mouth and he beat his proud pecs quickly.

Rhino lifted Mega Marauder's titanic legs and spread them apart as he got the defeated monster into position for the victory fuck.  The yellow-eyed brute uttered a low moan of pleasure as he felt the fat, pre-soaked cock of the rhino man penetrate his tight hole and slide inside him.  The hulking monsters mated under the hot lights of the arena before a massive audience, unconcerned with anything but the heat they generated between themselves.

Loud, dominant roars issued from Rhino's throat as he finally came inside his rival that evening, his heavy balls flooding Marauder's hole with rope after rope of goopy seed!  The green behemoth slammed the mat with his fists as he came with his master, spurting his cum upon his body and across the ring.  The thick, white fluid shot over the edge and drizzled onto the concrete floor below.

For several minutes after, the massive monsters rode their orgasms, their gargantuan balls emptying their seed.  Their roars grunts, and groans filled the arena with the sounds of masculine sex that none of the humans in attendance had ever heard before.  Finally, they were sated.  Rhino's cock slipped from the green stud's wet hole and he fell upon his conquest in exhaustion.

A plume of smoke suddenly appeared around the monsters, taking from them that which the demon had cursed them with, making them human once again.  Tex Titan lay nude and unconscious on the naked, passed-out form of Nightshade.  The ref, who had just awakened from his attack by the mysterious demon, hurried back into the ring to do his job.

"ONE!!" he shouted, slapping the mat close to the wrestlers.  "...TWO!!  ...THREE!!" he finished, sitting up on his knees and signaling the result.  But the arena worker who controlled the bell was reluctant to ring the clearly-haunted object.  Swallowing his fear, he clanged the bell and made the pin — and Tex Titan's victory — official.

"Ah... uh...  T-Tex Titan is the winner of tonight's Main Event..." Jason ‘The Jackhammer' Jackson commentated, stammering his words, stealing a glance at his fellow wrestler-turned-bodybuilder.

"What in the bloody hell happened tonight...?" Big Ben Halstrom wondered into his mic.  "A-Anyway..." he continued, trying to sound as professional as he could, given the circumstances.  "The result is in!  Tex Titan has ... pinned his rival, Nightshade, and has emerged victorious tonight!"

"W-We wanna thank everyone for coming out and enjoying this Halloween night of wrestling with us.  Drive safe, everyone, and remember: If it's muscle wrestling you're after, you always have a home at the Thunderstud Arena!"

High above the arena stood the red demon, his cock erect and pumping copious amounts of precum as he roared his laughter.  "On to the next match..." he grunted with an impish smile before vanishing into the night.

The End

This story is also included in Muscle Monsters, along with four other spooky tales now for sale at my Lulu Store!


  1. Absolutely delicious! My money was on Marauder though. You know I love my green-skinned would-be Hulks. ;)

    1. Thank ya! I did have a little hesitation as to who would win this one, but I had it in my head that Tex Titan would win (despite the trap sucking) in the end, so I gave it to Rhino based on that.

    2. You're welcome! :)

  2. Nightshade reminds me of Colossus from XMen! Would love to see more of this hunk! Great work man!

    1. Thanks very much! I didn't even realize it, but you're right, he does look a bit like that stud!

  3. WOW!!! HOT!!! I love the beast vs beast angle! Great work

  4. Tex looked more muscular than his opponent from the beginning, so glad that he won.

  5. I'm glad that Tex Titan won. He's one sexy stud.