Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturday Night Slam Masters

One of my favorite wrestling games is Saturday Night Slam Masters (also known as Muscle Bomber in Japan) from 1993.  And my two favorite wrestlers in that series are Biff Slamkovich (Aleksey Zalazof), in the red trunks, and Gunloc (Lucky Colt), in the blue trunks.

Then there's Haggar, the 309 lbs, 6' 7" tall stud from Final Fight fame.  He's always the character I play as when I'm itching for some Final Fight action.  As his profile from Slam Masters says, he likes to "pound" punks.  Indeed he does. *grin*

I made most of the props for these guys by hand, the most challenging of the lot being the knee pads.  And I used their default colorings from the first Slam Masters game -- though I have to admit, Biff looks damn sexy in pink.

I had made these models and this render about a month ago for fun, but decided to keep it off of the blog while I was busy working on and posting other things.


  1. Mmmmm, it does not get any sexier than Haggar. Used to imagine him "training" Cody in wrestling holds all the time as a kid. And for some reason that training always involved clothes being ripped off, and hard sweaty bodies being uncovered . . . x3

    1. Oh, you know that's exactly what had to be going on behind the scenes. >:D The only question mark in my mind is: do they get right down to it then and there or wait until they hit the showers? *grin*

      I have a huge Haggar vs. Andore/Hugo fetish. When I was younger and played the game non-stop, I would find an Andore, let him grab Haggar, and watch as he had his way with the muscle mayor. There was even one level in the first game that had you go into a caged wrestling square surrounded by cheering men and with two Andores waiting inside to manhandle ya! I love that area.

    2. I remember that part! I mostly remember it as #$%@*ing HARD, like, harder than the stage boss that came after it. Or maybe I was just weak to Andores wrestling me down, pinning me, then spanking my ass in front of the crowd until I swore not to mess with Mad Gear again. ;D

      Here's another thought. What if Metro City was troubled by another street gang, and Haggar had to go out and personally put them down again? That gang of course being THE PYTHONS. >D

    3. Andores didn't fuck around! They came for your ass -- and hard! And, yeah, they also have the sexual advantage. *wide grin*

      I used to imagine Haggar in those game over/continue screens being subjected to something sexy instead of the usual dynamite, water, crushing walls, etc. Like, instead of a wall coming to crush his meaty body, an erect, leaking thug cock could slowly creep toward his spread-open butt unless you press start to give the big guy another chance! ...But who the fuck would wanna interrupt that?!

      Oh, man, that is such a hot idea! I never made a model for Butch and Troy's unseen boss, but I had in mind that he would be a muscle monster -- I guess he'd have to be to keep those two in line! I imagine he'd be tired of fucking Batman by now and would wanna get his hands on Haggar. >:D

    4. Hahahah! I used to have the same sort of fantasies with those game over screens. I might even go so far to say that my fetish for bondage may have originated there, as the sight of Cody and especially Haggar straining in those ropes was quite . . . captivating to me, even as a kid. If my fascination didn't originate there, those screens at least heavily fueled it.

      And I'd say The Python Boss definitely needs some fresh meat by now, and Haggar is just the man to provide it!

    5. It's a thing of beauty. *smirks* All that muscle and they can only struggle helplessly. Yeah, even as a boy it just grabbed me as something awesome, though I didn't really understand at the time why.

      Argh, damn. I have so much on my plate at the moment (working on modeling Guile's poses right now for his street fight with Gunloc). I really shouldn't be thinking of doing this now. T___T

      Well, at least it's still nice to fantasize about it. :D

    6. Indeed! Those mighty heroes defeated and strapped down, unable to do a thing to change their oncoming fate. Nnnnnng. You've inspired me this morning to screencap Haggar's continue screens and throw 'em on tumblr. ;D

      And oh man! Guile vs Gunloc is really gonna happen? That will be epic! An all-American duel of beefy brother vs beefy brother. Who'll win out, the pro-wrestler or the military man! :D

    7. Mmm, so good! So much defeated beef, just bound and at the total mercy of whichever criminal organization he's currently trying to bring down. I can imagine all the thugs standing behind the camera enjoying watching him squirm. >:D

      And yeah, it's totally gonna happen. :D I've (mostly) recreated Guile's airbase stage from the second game in 3D, except this time the lady spectators are somewhere else.

      Beefy brother butt-buster battling all the way! Except this time, the loser will at least win something. >:D

  2. Hot as hell! Magnificent as always.

    1. Thank you!

      I swear, though, one day I'll make an hour-long 3D animated movie with these types of guys in the ring wrestling and fucking. I swear it!