Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 34

Tarzan was horrified to see that there were witnesses to the fight!  And not only were they watching him being crushed between the legs of his opponent, but these witnesses were the very same men from who he'd taken the jewel!

The ape man lifted his body as best he could and raised a hand their way, signalling for them to stop.

"NO!!" he cried out when they refused his silent order.  "Leave here now!!" he pled, only to moan again as Jabari constricted his now-tender sides!


  1. The skin's looking great! Damn, the detail on that nutsack is awesome. lol. cazy real.

    1. *laughs* I'm sure that Jabari would be happy to hear that.

  2. Sweet panel - best face you done in a while... well done!