Thursday, September 27, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 45

Kondo sat his beefy butt upon the grass and invited Tarzan to kneel before him and worship his throbbing black shaft.  The ape man looked up to his master, receiving the OK to switch off.

Tarzan got on his hands and knees and lowered his mouth to Kondo's meaty manhood.  The taste of this native's cock was rather different than Jabari's, yet it was still just as good.  He then wondered how Zuberi's and Njau's cocks might taste.  Kondo noticed that Tarzan's technique seemed to improve with every bob of his head up and down his leaking erection.

"White man make Kondo feel good," he moaned out with a groan of pleasure.  Humiliating this arrogant savage restored his pride as a man and brought justice for his people.  This was the right thing to do.

Jabari got down on bended knee and ran his firm hand over Tarzan's African-sun-tanned butt.  He gave the white flesh a good, strong slap, startling the fallen king momentarily.  His fingers ran in between the crack before delivering another smack to his slave's cheeks.

Tarzan moaned softly around Kondo's meat as he felt Jabari's eager fingers rubbing and stroking around his tight hole.  Jabari was pleased to feel the pink entrance constrict and wink from its master's touch.  True to his image as an exclusive, dominant top, Tarzan's hole felt like a virgin's.

This would be a good fuck and he would enjoy making this man his bitch.  Tarzan would soon learn a lesson he would never forget.

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