Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 33

The three young journeymen of the Mogu -- having followed Tarzan's second call -- finally found the jungle valley.  With great hesitation, they'd left their settlement to try and sneak a peek at what it was Tarzan had accomplished.

The loss of their jewel was forgotten upon witnessing the return of their long-lost brother.  But when they told Jabari of what had happened when Tarzan confronted them, the man grew angry and stormed off to find the long-haired thief.

"Look, brothers!" Zuberi spoke elatedly.  He could hardly believe the sight -- their own Jabari was nude and locked in heated combat with the King of the Jungle!  "He... he wrestle Tarzan!"

"So strong..." Njau remarked silently as he watched Jabari elicit scream after scream from Tarzan's quivering, muscular form.  His cock stirred in his pouch, and he couldn't take his eyes off the intense interracial combat that took place in the middle of the field mere steps away from them.  Jabari was overwhelming Tarzan, and with that, a new man entered Njau's fantasies.  "Me want Jabari!"

Kondo lifted his arms high and roared with jubilation, "JABARI WINNING!"

He and his brothers quickly stripped themselves of their pouches and rushed toward Jabari to witness the struggle up close!

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