Sunday, September 2, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 13

Jabari stood up to the white man in a way that few had even dared to dream about.  He glared Tarzan's way and thrust his mighty pecs out in a manly display of strength and courage.

The man's arrogance surprised Tarzan.  He recognized the symbol painted on the native's face as belonging to the Mogu tribe, but he couldn't remember who this man was.

Jabari's departure from the Mogu was quick and mysterious.  He'd left his brethren without a word in order to train his mind and body in the wild.  His ultimate goal was the destruction and dethroning of the king of the jungle.

Over the past several months, Jabari secluded himself in a part of the jungle Tarzan rarely visited.  By day, he wrestled beasts, swung through the trees, and lifted heavy rocks to strengthen himself.  At night, he masturbated his hefty black cock to the thought of Tarzan succumbing to his might.  He knew that one day, his cock would enter the jungle king and breed him into total submission.

It was by chance that on the day of Jabari's return, he would witness Tarzan's outrageous actions upon his own tribesmen.  He thought it the will of the gods that he be there to fulfill his goal and strip the ape man of his title as king of the jungle!

"Tribe tell Jabari of Tarzan theft!" the black warrior snarled.  "TARZAN STEAL FROM MEN OF MOGU!!"

"Jabari?" Tarzan wondered silently.  The name seemed familiar, but the man didn't match the Jabari he remembered.  No matter, he figured.  He would settle this quickly and leave for the sanctuary of his treehouse home to polish his new earthborn possession.

"No man in jungle take power of jewel!" Tarzan snapped back with equal force.  "Only Tarzan king of jungle!  ONLY TARZAN!"


  1. 재미있네요!
    다음 이야기도 기대되네요!
    (저는 영어가 서툴러서 이렇게 한글로 코멘트를 남기니다.)

    1. 귀하의 코멘트를 주셔서 감사 합니다!

  2. It's spectacular seeing them face off. You've done an excellent job. I want to call out Jabari's back specifically, it is incredible. I can't wait to keep reading. The effort you put into these is amazing.

    1. Thanks for such a nice compliment, man. I really appreciate you taking the time.

      You're the same Mindsweeper who ran, right? I loved visiting that site back when it was up. Really great fantasies and content there.

    2. Thanks, yeah that's me. It probably would have been better as a blog. The site got to be just too much time and effort for a hobby. At least I warned people it was ending. It was interesting to see recently that most of the site still lives on the Wayback machine, right up to the final update.

    3. It probably would be much more relaxing as a blog, yeah. Go at your own pace and all without the need to pay for hosting.

      Oh, man. I really shouldn't have done a Wayback on your site just yet. Now I'm experiencing some deep nostalgia! ...Among other feelings. *coughcough*

      If you ever decide to find a new place on the 'net for your awesome work, I'd love to put a link here to it.