Friday, September 7, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 21

Growing bored of the hold, Jabari allowed Tarzan to wriggle free.  The ape man spat the saliva-soaked loincloth from his mouth and sucked air into his lungs.

But before he could recover and take his revenge, Jabari had grabbed hold of his head and thrust his bulging pouch against his face!

Tarzan grunted and pushed desperately against the black man's meaty legs, but couldn't budge them.  He could feel the outline of Jabari's thick manhood throb powerfully beneath that pouch.  He could smell the exotic, manly scent of the African.  Had the jungle king been at all submissive, he might've been aroused by the predicament.

"Tarzan like Jabari cock?" the native teased, fully knowing of the white man's preference for absolute dominance.  "Tarzan want?"

Jabari thrust and ground his zebra-covered groin against Tarzan's face.  Every inch of the fabric rolled along the handsome king's features, thoroughly humiliating him and reminding him of his own nudity.

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