Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 44

Njau raised his arm and shouted his approval for Jabari's win.

Kondo knelt and watched closely as Tarzan's wet lips slid up and down the black champion's throbbing shaft.  For a man who was known for his dominance, Tarzan sucked cock well.

"Tarzan suck me next!" he said, giving his own manhood a firm stroke.  He would make the fallen king service his desires and begin the task of repaying the theft of their jewel.


  1. Hot, as always! Do you think you'll ever tell the story of how or who Tarzan had to defeat to become "King"?

    1. Thanks, man! And while I never like to say never, I probably wouldn't do such a tale. I would definitely like to work on another Tarzan story in the future, though!