Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pythons Rule


Reporting Officer: Tony Thompson
Time of incident: 12:48 PM

Officers Ronnie Blake and Ken O'Sullivan encountered two perpetrators reportedly belonging to the gang known as the Pythons.

Eye witnesses report seeing the officers engaging the gang members in a spontaneous wrestling match. The officers' clothing was reportedly ripped from their "hard" and "sexy" bodies.

Approximately 1 hour later, witnesses claim that the officers in question submitted. The two Pythons then stripped and high fived. The blond then demanded fellatio from Officer O'Sullivan, while the other penetrated Officer Blake. Officer Blake's hat and belt were seized by the perpetrator and worn during his sexual conquest.

Some time later, the two perpetrators left the area, leaving the officers without their clothes or weaponry.

Addendum: An anonymous witness has come forward with two photographs taken during the incident. The department has analyzed the photos and have determined the perpetrators to be Butch and Troy from the Pythons gang.

Further inspection of the photos will be needed to garner more information.

Recommendation from the Captain: Five months of rigorous retraining at Police Chief Stone's private boot camp.


Internal update:  The department has completed its investigation of the new photographs.  Several times, however, investigators were compelled to stop and take unusually-long breaks in private - sometimes in pairs.  After seeing these photos, the others are hesitant to go out and find the perpetrators; Captain Blackwell is confident that he can "persuade them" to "take it like men" and do their duty to uphold the law.

This matter is to be considered TOP SECRET and DEPARTMENT USE ONLY!  Both Captain Blackwell and Police Chief Stone would have their necks on the chopping block if this were to leak to the press.  Let’s get out there and put an end to the Pythons!


  1. Hot as hell, i'd pay good money to watch that match up!

    1. You really, really REALLY need to do more of this match! A proper full on episode :)

    2. I'm glad to hear you enjoy it. *smiles* But I won't be able to make this into a full (or even a quick) battle. It takes my computer around 2.5 hours to render each of them, not including any post processing they may need.

      I'll see about doing two or three more and adding them to this entry.

    3. There we go! Added a few more images to the story to beef it up a bit.

  2. OMG! This has to be one of the hottest ideas EVER! You have truly outdone yourself! Bravo! HOT.

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to hear you like it. I just finished up the extras and have added them to this post.

  3. Awesome awesome job! I was just curious though, I've been looking around for quite a while but I can't seem to find an answer. I was wondering how you got the clothes to fit such a big body. Usually (I have Michael 4, I don't know what you use, maybe a different version) and I inject him with muscle morphs and make him large and heavily built like your characters but his clothes don't even come close to fitting him, they just sit, well, inside him, they don't conform to his body at all. I was wondering how you got your clothes to fit your models that you make.

    Thank you so much

    1. Hey there; thanks for your kind words!

      I'm using a combination of Michael 4 (as the Freak 4) with an injection of Muscle Morphs and Morphs++.

      As for clothing -- some simply aren't supported for such big guys, unfortunately. You'll need to see what Figures and Morphs are supported. Now, there is a morph transfer utility that I've played around with, but I've had absolutely no luck getting it to recognize my models. It sure seems to recognize Victoria 4 in the demo videos I've watched, though. *grumblegrumble*

      What Butch and Troy are wearing is "M4 Casual Wear", which conforms to both M4 and F4, as well as several of their big-bodied morphs (which you can see in the "What's Included & Features" tab). Sometimes you'll need to fiddle with those clothing item's morphs in your studio to get it to fit your guy better.

      Other times, I'll just straight up increase the width and length of the prop in order to get it to fit a guy. This can sometimes require post processing in an image editor to erase anything that's off or touch up any poke-through. Experimentation is usually a necessity.

      If all else fails, you can try to create your own morphs -- which can be time consuming and involve lots of grunting and pulling at your hair to get to look good.

      Good luck!

    2. Thank you so much for your response. It was extremely kind of you to take the time to answer my question in such detail. Your are a great person.

    3. Aw, shucks; it's no problem! You're quite welcome.

  4. Okay, so I just went through every (yes, EVERY) post on your blog here. SO SEXY! I love your theme of wrestling as a contest of masculinity with the more virile and macho man overcoming his opponent and the loser becoming the winner's rightful bitch. This kind of high stakes fighting is my favorite by far!

    My favorites were the Greek mythology matches, because I have a giant Hercules fetish. He, Zeus, and Ares, I'd love to see them all getting plowed! The orc posts were great too. I love anything with monsters or mythology.

    You obviously put a lot of time into this, especially to post so regularly. I'm definitely gonna start following to keep up with the updates. :3

    1. Aw, thanks, man! I've been a fan of your posts and scanlations for a long time now, so it makes me happy to hear such mighty nice things from ya.

      Herc is one of my favorites, too. I always seem to come back to him and his super hot daddy. I received a suggestion a while back to have Zeus battle Poseidon, so I've been experimenting with a model for the sea god. I'm having a bit of trouble differentiating these two old guys from each other, though. It's probably the hair... That idea'll have to be thrown on the backburner for now, I suppose.

      Thanks again, man! I'm also happy to see that you've starting to post at the Stash again!

    2. Hahah, yeah! It was actually the latest comments you left on the 'Stash that made me check out if you had a blog too. Glad I did.

      Zeus and Poseidon sounds hot! It'd be cool to have other pantheons get in on it too, such as Thor & Odin, or more obscure ones. I loved the more recent storyline of Kzak kidnapping Zeus and then defeating Hercules as well to enslave father and son together. Would love more stuff like that. x3

      Oh, speaking of stuff I'd love, can I just say that I loooove the image of the buff cop getting spanked by a python thug in this post? MORE SPANKING! Such a great way to humiliate and put a man in his place, bwahahahaha.

    3. That's a great idea. I do have a viking character I've been working on here and there; maybe I should convert him to Thor for a future tale. I love it when other guys do obscure or rare characters or pairings. *cough Krillin dominating Goku or maybe Yamcha cough* >.>

      I can't believe I haven't done more spanking in my work. It's totally a great way to put a cocky stud in his place. *evil grin*

    4. Thor would be cool, or even just generic mortal Vikings would be great too. Something about a culture of hairy, beefy men who raid and pillage with abandon, and live for battle . . . it speaks to me. ;3

      And Krillin dominating Goku--YES! Whenever a short underdog takes down an all-powerful hunk and gives him his just desserts, an angel gets his wings (or in my case, a boner)

      And indeed, there are few methods of shaming a man better than paddling his bare ass 'til he's crying like a baby. I see from your newest post that you've already incorporated some more into the blog! The best part about doing it to muscular studs is, they think themselves immune to such things and never see it coming until it's too late and they're already pinned over a lap (or knee, or draped over the closest piece of furniture, or tied up in the ropes around a wrestling ring, etc) ;]

    5. I'm way too much of a Krillin fanboy, I think. I've saved nearly every sexy picture I've ever come across of the short, spunky dude. I wonder if anyone's ever done Krillin dominating Broly... Damn.

      I really should get back into DBZ sometime. I've been thinking of buying the Blu-ray set of the original series (not sure about DBZ Kai yet -- heard mixed reviews on it). The HD restoration sample pictures look really good.

      And how! The bigger they (and their egos) are, the harder they fall from grace when they're pinned down and smacked hard. I'll definitely be working the theme here and there into future stories!

    6. Just looked through my massive DBZ porn folder and, unfortunately, wasn't able to find a single 'Krillin dominating Broly' pic. There is clearly a massive gap in the Rule 34 continuum! It did remind me however that I should totally do another general DBZ post soon.

      And I'm not really sure what the difference is between Kai and the original series. Do they just cut out all the extraneous scenes that made the show drag on so much? (me and my friends used to call it "Drag On Ball Z", hahah) Still, having those muscular studs in HD in any form definitely sounds worth it . . .

    7. Yeah, I sifted through mine a bit ago, too, and couldn't find anything so glorious... :| And you totally should do another DBZ post! Your fans (and their cocks) will thank you!

      I think that is the main difference, yeah. I think I remember reading others, but I can't remember them exactly. *laughs* Drag On Ball Z. Nice. I used to always reference Goku spending like 14 episodes running along Snake Way. And all that grunting and straining they do before fighting also takes up quite a bit of time. But, really, now that I'm older, I think I appreciate that a lot more. *coughcough*

      Speaking of Krillin, I fiddled around in my studio with some new anime shaders and made my own not-super-similar Krillin! I posted some renders of him a moment ago. :D

    8. Saw that and posted before scrolling down to this post. Nice job! He just needs a nose job. *grin*

      And I'll definitely do a DBZ post soon . . . probably have it go up tomorrow, as traffic will be slow on Easter Sunday I imagine. And then a Final Fantasy post for later in the week. Yep, gotta get back into the swing of regular blogging.

      And indeed, all that grunting and straining . . . the sweaty, bulging muscles . . . Let's just say I was paying attention to a lot more than just power levels when I watched that show as a kid.

    9. I think I could edit his nose out with post processing, but it may make the shadows around it look a bit out of place. He has absolutely no nose shadows in the anime!

      A Final Fantasy post sounds great. I haven't played any of the PS3 entries (still have yet to get the machine), so I'm hopelessly out of the loop on those characters. Looking forward to seeing what you've got!

      Grunting and straining with sweaty, bulging muscles... Argh, damn. @_@ Just that description alone does things to me.

  5. Hot to see one muscle bound stud bring another muscle bound stud to his knees.