Friday, December 16, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 44

But Tuskar is a man, after all.  His moans of lust may be fleeting and fade after he is done...

Kugo makes certain that the barbarian is his forever.  He not only wishes to enslave the white barbarian, he desires to make Tuskar unable to live as he once had.  He will make Tuskar addicted to his massive cock.

He slows his fucking to a gentle, teasing thrust.  Tuskar becomes fitful almost instantly.

"What Tuskar want most?!" the African asks.  "Tell Kugo!"

"Tuskar want cock -- want Kugo cock!" the white man yelps almost immediately.

"Only slave of Kugo get king cock!  Only slave for life get Kugo cock!"

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