Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 17

Seizing his chance, Kugo pulls his hips back, freeing his sweaty balls from the white man's grasp.

"GRUH!!" Kugo growls, sending a hard punch to Tuskar's head.

Tuskar recoils from the hard blow to his beautiful face.  Kugo flies into a rage, pummeling the barbarian with punch after punch.

"Augh!" he grunts, wincing in pain.

Tuskar will learn to fight fair!


  1. Love the focus of the Blog. And your Profile makes you sound like my twin separated at birth (I even live in So. Florida).
    Now, if Tuskar gets his bodacious blond beautiousness beaten to a pulp and stuffed at both ends I'll know we shared the same stem cell once upon a time.
    The only problem, I've known ARt and the other artists in your links section for a long time, but I'm not sure If I've seen anything by Jungle King Kazar. Can you supply a link to his work, or possibly post some examples?

  2. Hi, Remy,

    Thanks for your kind words (and thanks to the other commenters, as well). I appreciate them very much.

    Jungle King Kazar can be found in the links at Rants, Roids, n Rasslin. Here's a quick link for you. Some of his earlier work is scattered across the web -- mostly in Yahoo! Groups, where I originally noticed him.

    Thanks again, man. Glad to see there are other guys out there who enjoy seeing a blond, barbarian bombshell get taken down a notch!

  3. Couldn't find a mention of JKK or a link at the RRR site. But I think I know who you mean now. He had a much shared series of drawings of an African warrior fighting a blond jungleman, all with Karate-style kicks in the style of Richard Corben. In the final vignette he is carrying the limp and defeated Tarzan wannabe over his shoulder into the forest where his fellow tribal warriors wait to watch the fun he'll have with that loin-clothed ass. I remember them from Yahoo groups such as Captured Junglemen and Tarzan Defeated. Was JKK the one who tried to start similar groups to Cacentcst's with names like Hercules/Tarzan, King of the Wrestling World? I think those groups were all stillborn and became dead letters.

  4. That's him. He also used to have a Google Group called Jungle King's Pankration Arena which had a lot more jungle stuff than his RRR blog.