Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hassan's Persistence

Before I move on to a couple of other short stories (which are meant to be a refresher before I start on Part 3 of The Defiant Prince,) I wanted to post a little sequel to The Palace Guards.  It also serves as a small prequel to Part 1!  The story begins right after this.


  1. oh fuck The rby Guards Palace are stronger than Hassan they´re a mammoths are not? i love bulls

  2. wow! the guard palace are my favourites bulls i love his monters ass ! How to Get Big and Strong Like bulls? roids?

    1. To look like these guys, you'd definitely have to do something extra with your workout routine!

  3. All of them all pretty comparable to each other in this story, so choose your favorite. ;)

  4. I'd sure love to "guard" Hassan's "ruby" all right...All the time, if it were possible, and permissible, for me to do so.