Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Palace Bath

It was a bit late in the day when I was working on the palace bath, where a scene near the end of the second part of The Defiant Prince takes place and I had my camera angled at this exact spot.  It looked like a really nice shot, so I figured I'd render it.  But upon closer examination, I noticed that it was missing one crucial component: naked prince butt.

So naked prince butt was added and the gods of muscle were pleased.

I swear, this is what mainstream cologne ads will look like at some point in the future.  Or maybe ads for vacations in the Middle East.  Excuse me while I book my flight...


  1. That is an extremely gluteus-beautificus shot, my friend.

  2. Sorry, all of my characters are completely smooth. It's just the way I personally like them.

    I do plan to do hairy guys at some point in the future when the character calls for it -- like Zangief from Street Fighter.

  3. amazing drawing! i love big butts ! Which of your characters has the largest gluteo? Lucky I propose to make an election We'd love to choose. thanks

  4. i am looking forward to seeing zangief mauling and plowing another muscle hunk ;-)