Friday, July 13, 2012

The New Gotham Champion (One Shot Mini Series)

Batman lay stunned on the mat as the Joker strutted his muscular, Venom-infused body around the ring.  He had his suspicions about how it happened, but even with the aid of drugs, he couldn't believe how strong the Joker had gotten in such a short period of time.

For the first time in his life, Batman was totally outwrestled.  With every bodyslam, chokehold, clothesline, piledriver, and toehold, the Joker converted most of the Caped Crusader's fans to his side.  And by the time he lay still on the mat, gulping air into his massive chest, most of them had already turned against him.

They shouted, "Stay down!" and "Pin him, Joker!" hopeful that this pathetic champ would finally be dethroned.  They wanted the truly stronger man take his rightful place!

"Awww..." the Joker mockingly spoke, hovering over his fallen foe.  "Had enough already?"

Batman could only moan as the green-haired jester seated himself atop his hard abdominals and began to flex.  The Dark Knight wanted to reach up and bash the smirk from the Joker's face, but his strength was utterly wasted defending himself during the match.

"Count him out, ref!" the villain demanded.

The crowd helped the referee to count.  "1... 2... 3!!"

IT WAS OVER!  The Gotham City Wrestling League champion had been defeated by pinfall!  The bell rang to signal the end of the match and the crowd went wild!

The Joker planted his foot firmly atop Batman's chest and raised his muscular arms up high!  He posed for the fans as they chanted his name and took dozens of photos, forever immortalizing the moment of Batman's defeat by the villain.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, FOLKS!" the arena manager's booming voice shouted over the speakers.  "THE JOKER HAS FINALLY DEFEATED BATMAN!"

One of the organizers of the match called into his mic, "Let's hear it for the winner and your new champion: The Joker!!"

The crowd roared their approval of the fight!  The 'Saturday Night Nude Fight' event that the Gotham City Wrestling League held once a week was always a fan favorite, but this one would go down in history as its most popular ever.  Millions upon millions the world over tuned in to watch Batman's latest righteous victory over evil, only to find their hero at the mercy of the villain.  But as the Joker's cock throbbed and his sweat-laced muscles flexed and bulged masculinely, they didn't mind this turn of events as much.

Batman was made to get on his hands and knees and present his muscular butt as reward for his opponent.  With the super hearing chip he had installed in his cowl, he picked up the individual jeers and laughs of the people in the stands.  He could hear them shout demands for the villain to screw him hard, and more than a few of them were already jerking their cocks to the sight!

The Joker mounted the man who had always managed to thwart his plans.  But now he would have the last laugh.  He grabbed hold of Batman's beefy hips and massaged the muscles within.  He admired the years of bodybuilding and wrestling that sculpted this body.  And now it was all his.

A sudden moan of pleasure escaped Batman's mouth as the villain's throbbing manhood slid into his quivering, pink hole.  He burned with shame and clenched his teeth as the better wrestler took his time entering him.  Inch after inch sank into the hungry hole of the fallen hero.  Finally, he was all the way inside!

Thousands of flashbulbs dazzled the hero as his former fans continued to take photos of the result.

"Smile for the cameras, Bat Bitch!" the Joker chuckled, assuming a pose for his new followers.  "This one's going on the front page!"

The crazed villain laughed wildly as he began to thrust in and out of Batman's hot hole.  The Caped Crusader gasped and forced himself to keep silent and endure this humiliation.

The Joker went on to fuck Batman in every position he could dream of in the wrestling ring.  He degraded his enemy repeatedly, until finally, Batman's willpower broke.  He moaned in erotic heat and begged for more!  What the Dark Knight never knew was that the Joker had coated his cock with a special serum synthesized by his best chemists that would drive any man wild with lust.  Not even the mighty Batman could fight its effects for long.

With Gotham City's once-beloved hero broken and subsequently unmasked to the world as Bruce Wayne, the Joker easily took control of Wayne Enterprises.  With the resources and assets of the billionaire's company and its former owner at his disposal as a slave and henchman, the Joker would soon bring Gotham City under his permanent control.

The End


  1. Wow, I love it. Joker on Venom would be a scary thought. I love these characters in wrestling settings, so awesome job! Thanks for creating and sharing.

    1. Thanks, man. I appreciate that. And thanks for becoming a member!

    2. Oh, damn. I didn't even realize it was you who wrote that awesome story at Hero Destroyer's group!

      If you guys have a Yahoo account and wanna check it out, Alex wrote a great Bane vs Batman story (part one starts at message 2124) at World of Hero Destroyer

      It's very hot and a great fantasy.

    3. Thanks. Your message to that group was actually how I found your blog this morning. I'm just starting to explore, starting with your amazing Hercules story. I've only made it part way in ... it finished me this morning before I could finish it.

    4. I'd love to read your other works if you have them posted somewhere. Despite the overall theme of this blog, I've always had a love of pro wrestling, so this Batman x Joker mini story was a lot of fun to do.

      *grin* That's awesome. I'm glad to hear it.

  2. Thanks for the interest. Most of my wrestling stories are posted in a Google group called Sidelineland. There are a ton of stories there, but mine are under Pro Wrestling Fiction (AWL 1-6) and Wrestle Club (Flag vs. Flag, The Cave 1-3). AWL is a series set in 1983 and features analogs for some of my faves of that era. Flag was a semi-autobiographical story about me wrestling an American-themed wrestler. The Cave is a series about the lead wrestler (The Bat) for a gay wrestling video company.

    I also have one story posted in a Google group called Producer's Ring. It's under the Focus Group tab (Match 19 - Hemsworth vs. Hemsworth). As you can probably tell, it's a story about Chris vs. Liam Hemsworth, set in an alternate timeline where everything is quite different. There's an explanation of the universe on the site.

    1. Thanks for the links! I'll apply for membership and take a look at them. Flag sounds great already -- I'll check that one out first.

  3. Thanks for doing a short series on the Batman Joker
    theme. When I suggested it I did not really think you
    would as it was not what you usually did. It was excellent.
    Thanks again.

    1. You're welcome! I was actually not going to do it at first, but then I remembered that I had a (somewhat crude) pro wrestling ring that had I made from scratch a long time ago that was going to waste. That, coupled with the hair I had that worked great for the Joker, made me go for it.

      Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful thing to see all the bad guys win wrestling porn how much I would love to go into such reviews and the like to be a loser

  5. damn im so happy batman had to get seeded