Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 16

Hours passed as Zeus bred the simple laborer from the world below.  By the time Zeus was ready, Sergios shook with need to empty his heavy balls.

Zeus' power over the human prevented him from climaxing.  This was his punishment to Sergios for consuming ambrosia.  Now that his crime had been repaid, it was time to allow his consort to do what all men must.

Holding his slave off the ground with little effort, Zeus thrust his burning-hot cock deep inside Sergios' hole one last time and shouted, "Now, my son!  Release your seed and honor me!!"

The god's cock bounced and throbbed as it shot burst after burst of semen into the human's quivering butt.  "YOU ARE MINE!!"

Sergios threw his chest out and opened his mouth in a scream of intense pleasure.  He was so happy to finally be able to cum, he felt genuine appreciation to his master.

"PRAISE ZEUS!!" he cried again and again as his cock shot 12 healthy ropes of male seed onto the clouds below them both.

The unbelievable orgasm that rocked his body instantly drained him of his strength, and he slumped back onto Zeus' muscular chest.  The potent cum that leaked slowly from his hole marked him forever as a submissive consort to the father of gods and men.

Zeus was pleased with this man's hole.  He was also very pleased with Hercules.  His chest swelled with pride at his victory over Sergios and his renewed dominance over the mortal beings of the world.

All was as it should be, and men would forever fear and love the mighty Zeus.


  1. Is there any way for Zeus AND Sergios to get me in between them. They are OFF THE CHARTS SEXY!