Friday, July 6, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 14

Zeus led Sergios over to a railing and guided him into position.  Sergios realized what was about to happen, but didn't make an effort to resist it.  He realized that his life had changed forever and it would be foolish to go against his master's wishes.

Zeus smeared his precum around Sergios' tight hole.  Once the pink ring of the immortal human was well-lubricated, he pressed the tip of his hot cock against it.

"To make certain that you know your place, Sergios," Zeus grunted aggressively, grasping firmly at the man's muscular hips, "I shall break you myself!!"

He plunged his mighty cock into his consort's hole!  Sergios screamed at the sudden intrusion!  Zeus' cock was at least as big as Hercules and felt even longer inside his battered rear.

Incredibly, the king's meat began to fill him with warmth and longing for this eternal submission.  He adjusted much faster, having been fucked by Hercules before, but he felt sensations that the demigod wasn't able to give him.

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