Sunday, June 17, 2018

Super FWB

A bit of erotic downtime between the two caped superstuds!

Characters © DC Comics; used in a parodical manner.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hercules' Beach Brawl [PDF for Sale]

Check out some previews at my Comics Blog!

Hey, guys!  I've posted a new PDF for sale at my Gumroad and my Lulu store.  This one is called Hercules' Beach Brawl and it's about the big, bearded demigod wrestling Tarok, my blond jungle king, on a tropical, sunny beach.

Ares has manipulated the wild jungle man into fighting Hercules for him, sneakily bypassing Zeus' wishes that his sons not clash again.  When Ares drops Hercules atop Tarok, the blond stud mistakes his arrival for an attack against his right as king of the jungle!

This story contains an alternate ending so you can enjoy your favorite male's victory!

Head on over to my Comics Blog to check out a handful of preview pics and with links to purchase yourself a copy from either my store at Gumroad or Lulu!

Thanks for your support, everyone!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Sacrifice to Set: Part 3

This is Sacrifice to Set: Part 3, which takes place moments after the events of Part 2.  Conan and Zula continue along the path from the temple dedicated to Set and happen upon a massive, dark portal of negative energy overlooking the wilderness surrounding them.

It is through that portal that they encounter Set himself, intent on destroying the barbarian and his sworn brother.  With their souls at his command, the serpent god would be free to once again roam the world and rule it for all eternity!

Characters and names © Conan Properties; used in a parodical manner.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

On the Streets

This set is called On the Streets, a 13 image set that brings back three characters who haven't seen much action in quite some time: Officer Ken (Ronnie's partner), The Boss, and his henchman Joey (from earlier sets, Vengeance Denied 1 and 2).

While Ronnie is away, investigating another case, it's up to Ken to patrol the mean streets of Muscle City in search of the crime lord known simply as the Boss.  Ken encounters the young punk, Joey, a known and wanted thug with connections to the Boss and is about to bring him in.  That is, until the mohawk-haired criminal gets the officer's loins stirring in ways he can't resist...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Asgard Invasion

Asgard Invasion brings back my Ogre King (Thul'rog) revamped and ready for more action!

The ogre army has grown its numbers to gargantuan levels and Thul'rog has decided to declare war on the Norse men and their gods!  With defeat after defeat, it's up to Odin to hold off the hulking brutes before they cross Bifrost and claim Asgard for the dominant race of ogres!

Monday, April 2, 2018

World Wrestling Champions

This is World Wrestling Champions, a new pro wrestling story with a title fight theme!

This high-stakes match marks the return of Gorilla George Brogan, the now Australian Heavyweight Champion title holder.  He faces off against Gino "the Hammer," the European Heavyweight Champion.  When Gino issued his challenge to the big Aussie, Gorilla couldn't wait to get into the ring and match muscle with the titanic Italian.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

World Muscle Champions

This set is a semi/spiritual sequel to the pack from November 2016 called World Bodybuilding Men.

In addition to the spiffed-up stage, I've expanded and changed out the roster quite a bit for this set.  And while there isn't any sex in this pack, there is a bit of something else that goes on... at least on stage, anyway.

There's a newcomer here in the purple thong called Gino (the Hammer).  He's an Italian professional wrestler who will be going up against Gorilla George soon!  Stay tuned for that.