Tuesday, June 4, 2019

After the War

This is After the War, a story that takes place very shortly after the events of the Last Battle: Orc vs Man -- which depicts the struggle between the two species and humanity's eventual defeat and enslavement by the orcs.

Overlord Krag, leader of the hulking brutes, has dispatched his orcs to scour the lands in search of human stragglers to conquer and bring back to Grohmah, the greenskins' capital.

This is one such encounter, with Gorg and Ra'zug happening upon a small human merchant outpost, and its two lone proprietors...

Friday, May 17, 2019

Hercules Meets Thor

This story set is Hercules Meets Thor, an alternate reality of Asgard Invasion.  In that first tale, when the ogre leapt at Thor and toppled him over, this story sets out to show what might have happened to the god of thunder... and what might've happened to Odin as a result of these events.

(Hercules Meets Thor eventually led to Olympus vs Asgard, a loser-cums-first wrestling match with Zeus and Hercules facing off against Odin and Thor:

You can check that out here if you pledge the Gold tier at my Patreon -- big thanks for your support!  A smaller resolution and lower image quality version will come to the blog in the coming months if you'd rather wait.)

Monday, April 22, 2019

Joey, the Wrestler

This is Joey, the Wrestler, a side story set that takes place three days after On the Streets: Part 2.  Joey, the street punk, has decided to join the lucrative and erotic career of professional wrestling and has been accepted into the Muscle City Wrestling Federation!

When he enters the lockerroom, he meets up with some of the federation's biggest superstuds, including Gorilla, the World Heavyweight Champion!

It's also in the arena's lockerroom that he "bumps into" Reggie, a new middleweight wrestler who he is scheduled to take on later that night...

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

On the Streets: Part 2 (2/2)

On the Streets: Part 2 (1/2)

This story is On the Streets: Part 2, a direct sequel to the previous story and set in my fictional metropolis called Muscle City.

Officer Ronnie Blake is concerned with the disappearance of his partner, Ken.  With an understaffed and overworked force, the Chief of Police, Dalton Megalos, can't send a team out to find the missing cop.  Megalos also believes that Ken is not MIA, but AWOL of his own accord.

Ronnie heads out into the mean streets of the big city to find his partner and bring him home to safety!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Olympian Lust

This small set takes place some time after Hercules vs the Hydra.  In that story, Hercules became the slave of his uncle, Hades, and would serve him in the underworld of death for all eternity.

Unable to bear that fate for his son, Zeus approached the dark god and negotiated for Hercules' release.  There was only one thing that Hades wished for from his younger brother.  And thus, Zeus was compelled to exchange his beloved Persephone for Hercules.

But Zeus will not simply allow Hercules to go without giving worship where it's due...

Super Love

It's night in Blüdhaven and Nightwing is waiting on a rooftop for the man he both idolizes and loves to appear.  As the Man of Steel gracefully descends, he catches sight of the younger hero's virility on display.  Superman can feel his red trunks tighten even more...