Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick Note: A New Store

Hey there, guys!  I've opened up a new online store to be another avenue to purchase my PDFs (along with my Lulu shop) and other art books that eventually get made.  I've finished adding my current catalog of PDFs, in addition to a 5 exclusive image pack I had available as a donation reward a while back.

The nice thing about this new store is that I'll be able to run sales via discount codes very easily.  They accept Visa and MasterCard, so wherever you are in the world, it should work just fine.

As a special intro offer for this new shop, please use the discount code BRAWN on the product description pages to save 20% on your order!  I'll keep this special running until Sunday night, August 3rd, at 11:59 PM CST.

I'll be adding new releases to this store alongside my shop at Lulu.  Thank you for looking and, as always, for your support!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ra'zug at the Farmstead (WIP)

This is Ra'zug (formerly known as Zug or Little Zug), one of the smallest fully-grown greenskins in existence in the world of orcs and men.  I gave Ra'zug several minor changes in this newest version of his model.  Other than his name, the most notable change is the cluster of spiked, blood-red metal piercings he has in that handsome mug of his.

Like just about everyone else so far, he also sports a new loincloth that I've modified heavily with a custom texture and opacity map.  His loincloth is just a little too short and if you look closely, you can see his orchood dangling beyond it.  And if you look a little too closely, he'll beat the crap out of you!  Well... depending on his mood it may be something else he does, heheheh.

The story component is coming along nicely.  I've finished writing this farmstead part tonight and, in total, have about 60% of the text completed.  The majority of the work will come from building and rendering the imagery, however.  Well, back to work, then!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuskar's Dream

Recently, my computer has started to slow down quite a lot, which is usually a sign that it's time for a reformat.  I've been running this install of Windows 7 for quite a while and have probably cluttered up the registry, etc with a ton of bloat that's slowing me down.

I've decided to do a reformat soon, so I went ahead and bought an SSD (I had one before, but unfortunately had to return to a mechanical HDD) to make the process smoother.  That should hopefully help speed up my work a bit and get things done faster.

In the meantime, I repurposed the farm scene of The Last Battle: Orc vs Man for a quick crossover with Tuskar, Officer Ronnie, and Ryan!

I don't have a story to go with this, but I was thinking that one of the witchdoctors of Kugo's tribe took the barbarian into his hut for some fun and ended up causing him to dream of two men he's never met from thousands of years in the future...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Joshua, the Farmer's Son (WIP)

This is Joshua, son of Bryant (left) who was known simply in the original series as "the farmer's son."  Like his father, Joshua received some updates over his published version, but not nearly as many as Bryant.

Both of these crop-growing, meat-producing studs are now beefier and bigger than they used to be, and they now wear clothes as they go about their chores.  The farm on which they serve their fellow humans has been expanded and brought to life with a lot more vegetation and utilities.

Little did the two realize that their lives were about to change forever...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bryant, the Farmer (WIP)

Just wanted to make a quick post before bed.  I've begun work (again) on remaking The Last Battle: Orc vs Man and finally have something decent to post.  The lighting was kicking my ass for hours tonight.  Just couldn't nail it how I wanted it, but I finally lit the scene how I imagined it being.

I'm arranging the elements of the scene next and then I'll get to work on converting the other humans to their newest versions.  This guy, Bryant, is one of them already done.  He's the farmer from the original story, but updated a bit.

I'll have more to share later on!  Have a happy Friday, everyone,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Quick Note: Super!

Hey, all!  How's everyone doing?  I hope that your weekends were great and that the next is even better.

I wanted to share what I've been busying myself with since coming back home from the hotel.  In between cleaning up and organizing around the house, I've finished work on a pose pack I'll be selling soon in another store.  I'm considering doing a version for Genesis 2 Male, but I'm totally new to saving those positions, so I'll need to research it a bit first.

In the promos, I put this golden-haired superhero in just a set of briefs.  At first, I had him in his full suit like in the cover image, but it didn't show off the body poses as well as I had wanted, so I stripped him down and made him pose for me.

Putting it like that makes me sound like some kind of villainous mastermind. *...grin*

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Canada Day + Independence Day!

Independence Day is almost here in the States, and I wanted to make a little holiday render of two studs celebrating their countries' holidays.  I'm currently at work on a set of superhero poses for DAZ/Poser for sale in my other store.  I've gotten 25 out of an estimated 50 done so far, but I wanted to take a short break to do this for the blog.

A belated Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian visitors and a Happy Independence Day for my American viewers.  And to everyone around the world: strip down to your skimpiest bikini, join us for a flurry of prismatic fireworks, and stuff your mouth with a big, fat, juicy hotdog!  Don't forget the mustard!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Love Under Moonlight

Still suffering from the effects of the pink gas sprayed at them by bank robbers earlier that night, Batman and Superman steal a moment away from the other members of the JLA.  The robbers' tactics had proved a success, causing the two superstuds' trunks to tent lewdly.  Agonized by their rock-hard manhoods and embarrassed beyond comprehension, the heroes fled from the crime-in-progress and into hiding.

Batman stripped himself of his skintight leggings and leaned back, cock throbbing and leaking steadily.  The two superheroes had promised to trade blowjobs back and forth until the erotic gas wore off and the arousal left their systems.  Several mouthfuls of the Kryptonian's cum would soon be settling in his stomach, but first it was Batman's turn for relief.

Superman knelt before his fellow crimefighter and took the Dark Knight's hot cock past his lips, eager to ease Batman's pain and keep their shame from the other Justice League members.  Intoxicated by their hyper erotic state, they never noticed the young punk hiding on the other side of the building, cellphone out and recording their every action...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Quick Note: Homecoming

Hey there, everyone.  I'm finally back home and am working hard to get life back to normal.

When I left for the hotel, I thought I'd only be gone at most a few days, but it's taken over two weeks to be able to get back in again.  I had (thankfully) purchased a good, inexpensive laptop to help keep me busy (and sane) while I was gone.  I loaded it up with digital backups of some of my DVD collection, comic books I'd been meaning to read (I now have quite a fondness for Booster Gold -- old and new series), and OpenOffice to get some writing done.

I wrote out a couple of rough stories that likely won't develop into anything substantial, an original superhero character, a lot of the remake of The Last Battle - Orc vs Man, and the bios and a few paragraphs for a new pro wrestling story set in the world and time of Ryan, Alexi, and Gorilla.  That one involves a wrestler from England and one from Italy.  I'm currently developing that one alongside Orc vs Man.

I also brought my Wacom with me and practiced drawing a bit.  My drawing skill is... not great!  Ever since I was a little stud, I've had more of a pull toward 3D art, though line art has always held a special place in my heart.

Now to get back to work... after a good night's rest!  Take care, all, and thank you for thinking of me.  I missed you quite a lot.


P.S. -- The maintenance guy at the hotel (named Billy) I had to call on a couple of times was pretty hot.  Big, burly, bara guy with a bubble butt.  I wanted to grab it when he was installing the new shower head, but I didn't want to risk getting punched in the face.  Ah, real life...  That's why we have dirty stories!

P.P.S. -- This was totally not a quick note at all.  My apologies.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quick Note: Headaches and Drywall

Hey there, everyone.  We're coming up on the weekend and I hope you guys are having a good one.

I had the volunteer mold inspector over today and his findings weren't good.  I'm going to have to clear out everything in my home, put it all in a portable storage unit in my yard, and then have the other volunteers come and rip out the walls and cabinets to be replaced.  While this demolition goes on, I'll have to stay at a hotel for a couple of days.  This is... quite a headache and not what I was hoping to have happen.

But yeah, I just wanted to make a note about this update and say that I'll talk with you guys again soon.  I have an idea for a quick couple of renders involving Superman and Batman, but I have to wait until I'm back to finish work on them.

Take good care now, guys,

P.S. -- Thank you very much to everyone who bought the Barbarian vs Olympian PDF.  I really appreciate that and hope that you enjoyed it greatly!