Saturday, May 23, 2020

Seaside Slammers

Fabio and Gabriel, also known as the Brazilian Bodyslammers, are at their coastal home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  One of the Muscle City Wrestling Federation's big events, Stud Slammer VI, is rapidly approaching, and Fabio has earned his right to battle Billy Bronx for the World Middleweight Championship title and belt!

Gabriel has been helping his identical twin train for the big title fight.  And on that sunny, warm day, the two step into the ring to get one more practice match in before their flight to Muscle City.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Superslam Warriors

This story has my first version of Zangief and 4th version of Guile are here to battle it out in an erotic fight at the Red Cyclone's Russian stage!

This one came out a lot better than I was hoping.  The stage in particular gave me the hardest time -- something I had thought Zangief himself would have the honors of!  Like my previous Street Fighter works, I tried to keep the posing close to the second game to help add to the overall feel of the action.  I also gave Guile a fresh new outfit with some more polish to his body and new US flag shoulder tattoos.

Enjoy, guys!

Zangief and Guile are (C) Capcom; parody fan art

Friday, March 20, 2020

Bare-Ass Wrestling (Short Story Match)

Goliath and Mack McDougal are facing off in the federation's popular, spin-off wrestling show, Bare-Ass Wrestling.  The American, bearded construction worker who only recently stepped into the ring as a professional wrestler stands ready and willing to match muscle against the Australian powerhouse, Goliath!

Included after is an alternate ending.


It was another hot summer night at the Muscle City Wrestling Federation.  It was Monday night and a great many of the hard-working, blue-collar men from across the world were at home enjoying the newest episode of the federation's popular spin-off series: Bare-Ass Wrestling.

With their bellies filled with hot food, their work jeans kicked off, and their cold cans of beer freshly cracked open, they put their feet up and settled down for a night of pro wrestling action.

Mack McDougal, a construction worker from the metropolis, stood in the ring opposite the hulking Australian wrestler known simply as Goliath.  The two men had entered the spotlights wearing nothing covering their bodies, save for Mack's trademark hard hat, thick gloves, and rugged boots.  Fans all across the arena roared for their appearances.  Mack hadn't been a wrestler long, having only done battle with Alexi Volkov in his introductory match and two matches against Mr. Dreamboat (Mack's second win) and Ryan Dermot (Mack's first loss).

Goliath raised his arms in a double bicep pose as he strutted down the aisle and into the ring.  His fans called out his praises and stared wantingly at his nude body, glistening with posing oil.  The big Australian was a seasoned wrestler and his tag team partner was none other than Gorilla George Brogan, the current World Heavyweight Champion.

Like most of the Bare-Ass Wrestling matches, this one had sex stakes attached and no referee to get in the way of the action.  Only when one man had submitted to his opponent was it all over.  Their glutes clenched and flexing, neither man wanted to give up his ass to the other.  Goliath stared down at the smaller wrestler and a low chuckle escaped his grinning lips.

"Want to give up now, little man?  Save yerself some slammin' and groanin'?" Goliath asked in his deep voice, thick with an Aussie accent.  He scratched at his groin and added, "Don't worry, this cock feels damn good in tight holes like yers."

"Ya don't scare me none, big boy!" Mack retorted, bouncing his pecs for added intimidation.  "I'm gonna have you squealin' my name when I get my hands on ya!"


The bell suddenly rang and the match was on!

Mack moved quickly, slapping his body against Goliath's to catch the big man off guard.  He brought his arms around Goliath's torso, holding on tight as he pushed with all his strength to bring the Aussie down to the mat.

Mack was used to handling massive, heavy objects, and he considered Goliath no different as he forced the titanic wrestler down!  Goliath's eyes grew wide and his expression turned to fright as the smaller wrestler managed to shatter his steady footing and topple him to the mat!

The construction-worker-turned-wrestler was quick to seize the opportunity.  He dropped his leg on Goliath's gut, winding the titanic man.

Before his foe could get up, Mack wrapped his legs around Goliath's thick arm.  He slowly pulled back on the Aussie powerhouse's muscular arm, intensifying the pressure.

"Give up, big boy!" Mack shouted over Goliath's roars of protest.  "Mack's got ya now!"

Ready to be done with this unworthy challenge, Mack began climbing up the red corner until he reached the top.  He turned around and raised his fists high, yelling to the roaring crowd, "I'm sendin' this jobber packin' and back to Kangaroo Land!"

Goliath was stunned and dazed, lying still on the mat and moaning.  He'd believed this rookie to be nothing of a competitor in the ring and was paying the price of his arrogance.  He gazed up at the hot lights that shined from above and watched them swirl in his double vision.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

World Muscle Champions 2

This is World Muscle Champions 2, a direct sequel of the previous story.  This set features a new cast of guys oiled and flexing (and more) under the hot lights for the fans in the auditorium.  Only one man can become Mr. Brawn and win the gold and the glory!

It's one of the very few crossover sets I've done, and it's always fun to show these guys interacting.  I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Thief and the Pirate

While at the market to stock up on food for his long journey ahead, Conan is fleeced of his gold by a smooth-talking pirate named Koin.  The barbarian follows the stranger all the way to the coast, where Koin is preparing to return to his ship, haul-in-hand.

But before he can set sail, an angry voice calls to him from afar...

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Three Santas

No matter which Santa is your favorite, I hope that you get all of the gifts you're asking for!  Have a happy and safe holiday season, everyone!

Friday, December 6, 2019

Street Boxer Blitz

The American boxer, Balrog and the British pugilist, Dudley, rivals on the streets, face off against one another in this winner-take-all fight.

This one was a bit of a challenge to get these guys looking as close as I could, but still with my style and additions to their characters.  Hopefully it came out well!

Characters (C) Capcom; used in a parodical manner