Monday, March 19, 2012


Zeus, the father of all gods and men, overlooks the world with pride.

I was thinking about Hercules just today (well... when am I not thinking about Hercules is the better question), and I had a mind to make a model for him when my thoughts drifted to his father, Zeus.

I have a thing for older men as well, and the king daddy of the gods himself definitely fits in with my fantasies.

I gave Zeus the biggest pecs of any of my men, though it's a little difficult to tell from the front.  His face is also aged quite a bit more than any of the others.

I'm not sure if or how I'll use him again in the future.  Though it would be nice to see him get taken down by one of the lesser beings of the world, eh?


  1. well this bull-god is really....incredible!!....and if the baby (Hercules) is going to look just even a tiny bit like his cocky would like to worship them (while they are in all their glory)...super sexy....

    1. Oh yeah he will. I think that old proverb, "Like father, like son" would definitely apply here.

  2. would love to see the muscle-bound kid Hercules wrestling monsters and such...

  3. I wouldn't mind the king-daddy-god doing me. His son, Hercules, too. Now, how sweet would that be?