Friday, March 16, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 29

During a rare moment of weakness for the Eternian, Bomani shoved He-Man and immediately grabbed him in a bearhug!

"UWAAAARGHH!!" he howled in agony, arms and legs spread wide!

"FEEL POWER OF BOMANI, HE-MAN!!" the black warrior shouted, applying more pressure to his victim's back!

He-Man screamed and thrashed, but he couldn't escape!

Bomani smirked as he felt precum leak from He-Man's rock-hard cock pressed snugly against his abs.

With one more squeeze, he demanded, "GIVE UP!!"


  1. Hot
    I think by the end of this he will be takingalot of Bomani

  2. He-Man's seed will drain his power and feed Bomani! I wonder how many loads Bomani will extract? This is going to be spectacular!

  3. squeeze every once of muscle spunk out of that blond stud...