Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 37

He-Man turned to face his new master.  He looked up to see Bomani's confident, grinning face looking back at him.

The black conqueror's throbbing cock bounced in front of his face, demanding his attention.

He-Man turned away from the ebony monster.  The lingering power that kept him as He-Man wanted to resist sucking another man's cock.

He was He-Man -- alpha male of Eternia!  While Prince Adam had no qualms about doing so, He-Man parted his lips for no man's cock!

"Open mouth, slave!" Bomani barked.  "Suck master!!"

And yet, he knew he must obey...


  1. just the beginning of the muscle-humiliation for He-Man...that power packed stud has a lot to learn...

  2. Bomani is incredible to look at...