Saturday, March 10, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 17

He-Man rubbed his stinging face.  This stranger was not friendly and wasn't about to be ridden!

"Bomani come to dominate white barbarian!" the African barked at the downed stud.  "Me beat He-Man and take power!  Me become most powerful!"

Ready to fight, Bomani quickly stripped himself of his loincloth!  His hefty cock, free from its confines, hanged low from his groin!

He-Man stared in awe at the ebony meat dangling freely mere feet away.

"Incredible..." He-Man thought.  "I'll need all of my strength to fight such a man!"

So the stranger was after his power?  That would never happen!  He would never let it happen!

"HE-MAN!" Bomani bellowed, staring angrily at him.  "WRESTLE BOMANI!!"

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