Friday, March 16, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 28

Bomani stood and broke free of He-Man's grasp!

He turned and grappled with the scowling hero, struggling with all of his might to get the upper hand!

"Bomani win and fuck He-Man!" he promised.  "Eternia belong to Bomani!"

"You're no match for me, savage!" spat back the golden-haired muscleman.  "Surrender quietly and I'll go easy on you!"

The men strained against one another as they grappled; their cocks rose to full hardness and smashed and rubbed together during the struggle.


  1. thunder and lightening from those two powerful cocks...and balls...smashing and crashing together...

  2. The mother of all bearhugs for He-Man..he aint experienced such power around his abs before! Black power rules now!