Thursday, March 22, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 40

Eager to taste the barbarian's butt, Bomani bent forward and buried his mouth between the pale-skinned cheeks!

"NGH...!  UNH...!" the shocked Eternian grunted at the oral assault!  Bomani's skilled tongue dominated He-Man's senses, driving him wild.

That tongue flicked and lapped at his puckering hole; it bore its way into his hot insides, preparing it for what was to come!

Within those screams of pleasure, Bomani could hear his slave begging for more!

The two musclestuds' cockheads pressed and rubbed together, drooling their excitement upon one another.


  1. can't wait for more of your work...BRILLIANT...both artistic and erotic... genius you

  2. woof, its getting hotter and hotter, I can imagine the fear in he man brain.....(after a peek of Bomani's rod, I can imagine!!)
    by the way, you gave me the idea of starting a blog, somthing like the prehistoric combat group, if you want to take a look since you liked the old group the address is

    I think the guy there is going the same way as he-man....LOL

  3. by the way...what do you have in mind with Kzak? He would be the perfect opponent for Zeus!!

    1. Kzak... hmm... I'm not sure, actually. I'm sure I'll find something for him at some point.

      Kzak vs Zeus would make for a nice fight, I agree!