Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 39

The powerful warrior turned his slave upside down and took his seat upon the throne that was He-Man's face.

He spread He-Man's legs wide and gripped the hero's ample glutes, parting them and exposing their center.

He pressed his meaty fingers to the warm, puckering hole and inspected it.  The Eternian (as He-Man) was virgin!

"He-Man tight!  Pale hole hot!" he cheered the discovery!

He-Man struggled to breathe between the ebony cheeks of his master's butt!

"Hole of white barbarian belong to Bomani now!  Bomani only man mount He-Man!"


  1. Looks like that puckering hole is not going to be virgin any longer

  2. All Superheroes lose their virginity to another man eventually! It's He-Man alpha male status loss now! But can he take this massive black cock?