Sunday, March 18, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 33

But Bomani's final move upon the musclebound Eternian would prove to be too much for even the mighty He-Man to endure!

The black warrior wrapped his beefy arm around He-Man's throat and squeezed him tight in a sleeper hold!  If He-Man wouldn't submit, he'd have to put the hero out!

"Me crush He-Man neck like banana!" he promised, doubling up on the pressure.

He-Man struggled and thrashed, but his opponent was too powerful!  He was rapidly losing oxygen!

"Urk..." the white barbarian gasped, desperately trying to pry Bomani's arm away.

"Forgive... me... Eternia..." he grunted through strained breaths.  "I... am... defeated..."

Realizing that it was all over, He-Man lowered his arms in unconditional surrender.


  1. Fuck!! I bet that that thick white rod is still filled with the vanquished alpha male's seed....but I don't think that seed is going to impregnate the african stallion....its clear that this still impressive erection is due to a lack of oxygen in that white mountain of muscles, .....with every futile muscle contraction of the vanquished champion that white cock's purple cockhead is beginning begins to ooze the thick precum of a defeated bull....

    1. Damn you should write a story about erotic grappling Wmusclebull...

  2. Hot as usual Cant wait for the next few frames

  3. love to see a muscle bound stud slow hammer locked into submission...not all the way out...we want him to be conscious of every horny movement...