Monday, March 26, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 44

The goliath musclestud pressed the bulbous, purple knob of his cock against He-Man's last remaining defenses.

With Bomani's deep tonguing and the precum gushing from his manhood, entry into the hero's butt was soon gained!

He-Man grit his teeth and hissed his shameful moans!

Inch after inch of the black steel pushed into his quivering hole, reaching places no man had ever been able to penetrate.  Not even as Prince Adam had the Eternian felt so full!

"He-Man hole submit to Bomani!  Ha ha ha!" the black prince laughed.  "Me feel white barbarian hole suck Bomani cock!"

He-Man shuddered.  There was seemingly no end to the length of the victorious African's manhood!

"He's... so big...!" he gasped to himself.  "His meat... going in me so deep... UNGH!"

1 comment:

  1. yeh,baby...fill that tight hole with your massive meat...fill that big muscle bound fucker with your hot man juice...reach around and work those full heavy balls...squeeze every ounce of bull spunk out of him...jack that thick white boy pecker for all it's worth...just don't STOP...!!!