Sunday, March 4, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 06

The image of Eternia faded and in its place came a man who's hulking, muscular body and golden blond hair marveled Bomani.

"The protector of Eternia, He-Man, is mighty, indeed," the shaman continued.  "He claims himself to be 'the most powerful man in the universe.'"

"He-Man..." Bomani growls under his breath.  He watches as the image of the blond barbarian cockily shows off his powerful body.  He-Man bounces his pecs and laughs arrogantly over the unseen body of his latest conquest.

"But he doesn't know how to truly wield the power that he's been given!" the wise man spoke.  He pressed his hands together, crushing the Eternian between them.


  1. Already enjoying the story and the art is wonderful as usual.