Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuskar's Revision

It's pretty crazy to look back on your early stuff... crazy and cringeworthy.

To the left is how Tuskar looked near the end of the series Tuskar vs Kugo.  This was back before I'd learned a number of things in the software -- namely shadow maps, which I applied to him in this picture.

As he and Kugo are about to make an appearance in Master of Eternia, I decided to go ahead and give Tuskar a facelift -- as well as injections in just about every other category, as well.  He now stands quite a bit prouder than before, though still a slave to the mighty Kugo (whose Bomani-ish update you can see in the title banner at the top of the blog).

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with me through that first series where I was cutting my teeth in rendering.  This one is for you.


  1. yeh...Tuskar is growing into a fine piece of muscle bound stud can do no wrong as an artist...can't wait for your next masterpiece...

  2. Oh...Idea...the two Black princes prizes have a wrassle, He man vs Tuskar!

  3. what software is this?

    1. I'm using DAZ Studio, but I'm sure Poser works just the same.

    2. Sorry about all the questions but I was just curious as to which DAZ you're using (pro, basic etc.) and whether or not you learned how to do all of this yourself? I would love to start creating 3D models like you but I don't want to get in over my head.


    3. No problem at all. I'm glad to help where I can.

      I learned nearly everything myself, except for certain technical things. Rendering and rerendering a scene when you change lighting or model settings is a good way to learn. There's a Spot Render tool you can use, as well, to make it even faster.

      When I first started, I used the standard free edition, but DAZ has recently decided to give away the Pro version for free, so I'm using that. There are some significant differences between the two, but they aren't absolutely required to get a nice-looking render.

      If you hurry, you can still get the Pro version of DAZ Studio for free -- along with Bryce and Hexagon -- at

      Just take it slow and do something easy. Learn as you go. You'll get better over time, but like nearly anything else, practice is what will get you there.

      Good luck!

    4. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I can not wait to get started!

      Again Thank You :)

    5. Actually one more question haha

      How did you do the orcs and the demon? Did you just use the genesis preset and alter it? is there a model preset that is there for orcs and the such or did you make it from scratch...also how did you do the body definition...the proportions im working on but the muscle definition I can't figure out how to do to save my life haha

    6. The orcs and Kzak are based on the Freak 4 (the super muscular injection for Michael 4 that I'm using for every male I make), which I got for free during a promotion they had a while back (there will sometimes be promotions for these models).

      My orcs use War Orc injections (not for Genesis, as far as I can tell):

      And Kzak uses Creature Creator Morphs and the add on pack for Michael 4 and the Freak 4:

      These do cost money (they appear to be on sale today, though), so if you aren't yet comfortable with that, you can always just play with what comes with the Studio for now until you feel ready to take that leap.

      Have fun with it!

      P.S. -- I'm not yet very familiar with Genesis, so I won't be able to help much there. Looking at it now, I see that in the Shaping tab of the Actors, Wardrobe & Props activity tab, there's a Bodybuilder slider for Genesis (along with Heavy, Pear Figure, Pot Bellied, and Thin).

      I'm not sure if that's from something else I have installed, but it could be there for you, too.

    7. Thank you so much for all your help. I guess I will just have to buy Micheal and the muscle maps along with the freak 4 (which I can't seem to find haha) Thank you again I really appreciate it.

    8. The Freak 4 base can be found here:

      I would recommend waiting for him to go on sale, though, beforehand.

      You're welcome! Good luck with it all. I'd love to see your creations someday.

  4. wow...wish i had this kind of artistic skill...let the rest of the genius/artists around here do some muscle bound studs...