Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 38

The moment He-Man's lips parted, Bomani's thick, bulbous cockhead penetrated his mouth!

The white barbarian grunted in surprise, but soon regained composure.

Bomani showed mercy on the fallen hero, allowing him to take his time and adjust to his new life under the black prince's rule.

The Eternian's tongue and lips pleasured the drooling head of Bomani's huge shaft.  The African's precum flooded his mouth.

"He-Man suck like Tuskar!" Bomani remarked.  Though He-Man knew nothing of this Tuskar, he took his master's words as a compliment.

"Unngh..." the ebony champion groaned, serving his slave a few more inches of his throbbing meat.  "Suck cock, slave.  Worship Bomani black cock.  Obey master!"

And obey he did!  He-Man (aided by Prince Adam's insatiable lust for cock and technique for pleasuring it) bobbed his head up and down the winner's manhood, slurping every inch his new master had to offer!

The mighty He-Man, musclebound hero of Eternia, was finally conquered!

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