Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rutting Season: Panels 03-04

The ogre was careful to not get too close to those hoofed feet, lest he be kicked by the creature.

"THUD WANT FUCK!!" he roared from a safe distance, startling the satyr from his deep relaxation.

Keln's eyes snapped open and widened at the sight of the monster glaring at him!  An ogre!  His gaze traveled down the brute's big pecs, his even bigger belly, and to his erection!  The cock was fat with need and leaking a healthy flow of precum through the round, open slit.

Keln had only seen two ogres in his lifetime, but he knew well of their barbaric tendencies and ferocious strength.


  1. There will definitely be some form of loving going on. *grin* As far as kissing, I'll see what it looks like. Thud isn't exactly a romantic ogre, but I'm up for adding if it looks right!

  2. It's usually the brutish monsters with caveman speech that tend to be the most romantic, believe it or not. ;)

  3. mmm, the ugre has a muscle gut! Must be a power lifter! Hot!