Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 13

Thud pushed his foe onto his back and allowed him a moment of rest.  Keln gulped air into his lungs and released it slowly.  He watched his conqueror walk in circles around his body and gulped in worry whenever Thud caught his gaze and shot him a lusty smile.

The brute moved quickly into position; he turned himself around and squatted down, presenting his big bubble butt to Keln.  The satyr's eyes grew wide as the massive rear descended upon his face!

Keln was reminded of the tales he'd heard from his brothers.  They spoke of how the savage ogres would enact retribution against their fallen enemies in the form of  humiliation.  Some chose to simply have their cocks sucked to orgasm; others would enjoy emptying their bladders upon their defeated foes; but the ogres, he was told, enjoyed most of all having their holes licked.

Keln knew that Thud wouldn't hesitate to knocked him out if he didn't obey.  He shuddered at the thought of being out cold and at this monster's total mercy!

He stuck his tongue out and carefully licked at Thud's tight, purple hole.  He moaned quietly as the ogre wriggled and gyrated his hips, rubbing that sweat-laced backside firmly against his face.

Thud grunted in contentment.  He placed his hands upon his knees and relaxed.  "Goat man tongue feel like human," he thought silently to himself, thinking back to his last fight with a man.  "Make Thud feel good!"

Keln, mercifully given a breath of air every little while, worked for nearly a half hour to appease his master's demand.  He hated to admit to himself that the erotic scent of this brute and the humiliating act of rimming his hole finally began to arouse him.  His human-like cock quickly grew to full hardness.

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