Monday, January 21, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 09

Keln struggled to shake off the brutal slap he'd received.  Thud had hit him so hard, the world around him blurred and spun!  By instinct to survive, his powerful hooves pushed him away from his attacker as his vision came back into focus.

But before Keln could fully recover, Thud squatted down low on his meaty legs and leapt into the air!  Keln gasped at the sight, but could do nothing to evade the onslaught!

"THUD STRONG!!" the ogre roared as he came crashing down onto the satyr's muscular body!

Keln bellowed his pain as Thud's entire, massive weight pressed him into the grassy ground!

The purple-hued behemoth laughed with pleasure at Keln's groans and gasps for air.  He kept himself on his opponent's body for a while longer, enjoying the heat of the other male.  Still winded from the full body blow, Keln never bothered to free himself from the futile position.

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