Monday, January 28, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 14

Thud seated himself on Keln's prized resting rock and spread his legs wide.  He grunted and pointed to his throbbing meat.  "Suck master cock!" he growled, urging his mate forward to take him into his mouth.

Keln bowed his head submissively and crawled toward the brute.  Thud's cock leaked its goopy precum generously as it awaited his arrival.  Up close, the throbbing shaft looked intimidating, but still alluring.

Keln opened his lips wide and took only the head inside his warm, wet mouth.  Thud moaned happily as his ogrehood made contact with the satyr's tongue.  It rewarded him with a healthy surge of lube down his throat.

Keln struggled to keep up with the flow, but somehow managed to down every drop.  He obediently sucked and slurped at the stubby head of his master's meat, pleasing the ogre well.

"Drink deep!" Thud urged, taking hold of the satyr's soft-haired head.  "Good slave..."

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