Monday, January 7, 2013

Darkseid Wins

Back in mid-October, I constructed one of my favorite superheroes, Superman.  In that post, I also added a little image from a Justice League game that featured Darkseid, my favorite Superman universe villain, standing victoriously over the Man of Steel.

On a whim, I decided to begin work on a version of Darkseid who wore only his steel blue boots and a thong of the same color.  I played around with the facial structure and finally settled on something reminiscent of the official Darkseid.  Happy with the result, I added Superman to the scene and moved them around to see what they looked like together.

I cobbled together a battlefield inspired by that game picture and created a scenario that I could see happening after the fight was over.

Enjoy, guys!

Darkseid was pleased with the outcome of the fight.  Although Superman struggled valiantly -- much like every other hero he'd faced -- it was only natural that Darkseid would triumph.

Superman lay in a painful daze on the high platform.  Light groans and grunts escaped from his barely-open mouth.  He'd lost.  Darkseid had won.

The evil god opened a telecommunications portal, which instantly hijacked every television broadcast and radio frequency in the world.  His cruel eyes glowed bright red as he declared to the mortals of the blue planet, "Foolish humans of Earth: I have crushed superman beneath my heel.  The son of Krypton is now mine.

"Know that I will take great pleasure in entering his body.  He will cry for mercy, but there will be none to spare.  Soon, my army will invade, and the Earth will fall.  All shall kneel before the might of Darkseid!!"

Superman moaned as the cold touch of Darkseid grabbed hold of his red thong and slowly pulled it from his beefy hips, leaving him nude.  He looked up to see that his conqueror was as naked as he was.  His eyes widened as the heavy cock of his hated enemy grew and throbbed and bounced lustfully before him.  He knew what Darkseid wanted and fear struck his heart.

He quickly scrambled back and raised his hand in a feeble plea for mercy.  Darkseid laughed arrogantly at the fallen hero, but said nothing.  He wanted to hear what the Man of Steel had to say.

"No...  Not that...  Please not that!" he gasped, eyes fixated on the evil god's throbbing cock.  "I surrender...  I will serve you!" he then offered.  "Please don't fuck me!"

"Make no mistake, Kal-El," Darkseid grunted, clenching his fists threateningly.  "You will grovel.  But now, I want to hear you scream."

With little effort, Darkseid repositioned Superman on his hands and knees.  He spread the Kryptonian's bubble butt cheeks wide and stared long and hard at the pink hole nestled between.  How he had longed to plunge his sword of flesh deep inside it and prove his superiority once and for all over this hero.  And now that time had finally come -- now it was his!

He leaned forward and grabbed hold of Superman's proud, black locks and cruelly yanked his body back!  Superman moaned with the dull pain, but could do nothing to resist.  His muscular arms dangled uselessly as he felt the touch of his new master's shaft rub at his backside.

Darkseid grunted with satisfaction as he positioned the throbbing, leaking head of his penis to the puckering hole of the son of Krypton.  Without warning, he plunged inside!

"AAAUUUUGHH!!" the hero screamed in pain as he was penetrated!  Even though he was resilient to pain, the massive appendage that forced its way into him seemed to overpower his invulnerability.  He could feel every inch of Darkseid's erection as it slid inside him.  It throbbed and repeatedly spurt lubricating precum along his tight walls.  But it did little good to ease the pain.

Darkseid wouldn't allow Superman the benefit of adjusting to his intrusion.  He went to work, fucking away at the tight, hot butt of the defeated superhero.

"Yes, Kal-El!" he laughed over Superman's anguished yells.  "Scream for me!  For each time you've thwarted me, I will pay you back a thousandfold!!"

For the next few hours, Darkseid punished his new bitch without mercy.  He roughly ground his hips back and forth, thrusting his mighty meat in and out of the hero's battered hole.  He screwed Superman in many different positions, but always returning to the one at the beginning.  He enjoyed seeing Kal-El on his hands and knees, butt in the air, and moaning for more.  Superman's screams had since turned to increasingly infrequent pleas for release mingled with ever-increasing moans of their man-on-man heat.

"I will break you, Superman!" Darkseid pledged, intensifying his thrusts to remind his victim of who was in charge.  "I will break your mind, body, and spirit!!"

Finally, he was ready to seed his Kryptonian slave.  Darkseid grabbed hold of Kal-El's firm hips and pounded his godhood deep into the tight, warm depths of his hole.  With one last thrust, he arched his back and bellowed his victory to the people of Apokolips!

Darkseid's cock, thick with blood and need, erupted its balls' worth of cum deep into Superman's body.  His evil seed shot again and again into the hole of his once-great foe, marking him as his property.

Superman cried out in humiliated pleasure as he orgasmed with his master.  His manhood bounced and spurt rope after rope of sticky, white cum onto the ground.  His muscles clenched tightly around Darkseid's shaft, milking it for every drop of its offering.

The thoroughly-fucked and utterly-drained superhero was dropped onto his own cum and left to dream of his new life under the cruel hand of Darkseid.  The victorious villain rose to his feet and breathed deep the fiery air of Apokolips.  He was master.  He was ruler.  He was Darkseid.

"And now..." he grumbled lowly.  "Earth."


  1. love to see an innocent muscle bull like Superman busted in lust...breed that stud...drain his man milk...

  2. luv the pleading and the squealing - rut deep